Duma Works is changing the way people think about hiring.
By efficiently connecting employers and potential hires through our mobile platform, we make finding that perfect person a fun experience, allowing businesses to grow and job seekers to access new opportunities.

Duma Works was built because in this digital day and age,
finding the perfect hire or job opening should not be a nightmare.

From our founding in 2012 to the company we have become today,
Duma Works is moving recruiting from being a manual labor process to a modern,
automated matching solution.








Job Matches



Average time to hire

10 days

Here's what we didn't write on our business cards.

Arielle Sandor

Cofounder &
Chief Executive Officer

Princeton ‘12 grad, language lover, creator of tech, food, dramatic, and fine art.

"Life is for constructing something beautiful that will raise people up."

Christine Blauvelt


Proud Princeton alumni and current UPenn medical school student. UI/UX designer with slight OCD about fonts. Keen and curious adventurer at heart.

"I want to help small businesses grow by putting the right people in the right jobs; and to help people grow by guiding them towards the right career paths."

Linus Lennstrand

Chief Technology Officer

Linus, a Swede who enjoys the good things in life, such as lean software development, theory of constraints and muay thai.

"I want to build a kick-ass recruitment platform for emerging markets, and have a good time doing it!"

Allan Matata

Recruitment Advisor

Allan has extensive experience in growing teams, identifying talent, business and people development. He is also a German Shepherd enthusiast, volunteer at the National Hospital Pediatric Cancer Ward and founder of the hashtag #FatherhoodIsWayCool.

"As Recruitment Advisor I want to help companies grow by finding the right people to grow with on the very 1st try because Duma Works."

Kenny Rachuonyo

Back End Developer

Writes computer programs for fun and profit. Matters of interest include democratization of knowledge, use of technology to solve societal problems, and humanity's ultimate destiny.

"At DUMA to build the future of job recruitment."

Evanson Wachira

Back End Developer

A craftsman who takes immense pleasure in developing software to solve the world's problems and for the fun of it. Sees software as both art and engineering. Deeply cares about privacy and freedom of expression.

"Crafting software to help everybody find their life's work"

Shiphira Mkamburi

Talent Consultant

Shiphira has a BA in Arts and Design from The University of Nairobi. On the side, she is an Interior designer and painter.

"I love helping employers fill the missing piece of the puzzle in their organization by hooking them up with fit talent!"

Kevin Kimani

Front End Developer

Kevin is a passionate web developer. He always keeps it simple, clean and straight to the point.

"I believe good energy is contagious and Duma works does good. With time this good will not only ripple effect in my life but also many others in emerging markets."

Wilson Gichuki

UI/UX, Frontend Developer

Wil is a passionate designer and loves great design. Simple guy, you will love him.

"A great experience is one that helps you achieve your goal. That's why you should sign up."

Maureen Njoroge

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Maureen immensely enjoys interacting with the industry of most brilliant and interesting minds.

"The buzz and energies at Duma Works is contagious; signing great deals, making that commission, but most of all, building careers and paving way for a fulfilling professional journey."

Daisy Mugambi

Client Success Executive

A statistician by nature, she enjoys solving puzzles, creating solutions and helping those in need.

"Matching job seekers to potential employers gives me great joy as it is always a step closer to increasing self sustainability to a people."

Hannah Wanjiku

Sales Development Representative

Identifies suitable companies (Employers )that Duma Works can provide great candidates to. Lives for Life's Simple Pleasures.

"Doing my bit to help Eradicate Extreme Poverty...from my corner of the World."

Maureen Mukiri

Client Success Executive

Maureen has a BA in Psychology from Kenyatta University. On the side, she is a lead vocalist in a performing band.

"I take pride in connecting job candidates with jobs they love and find fulfillment whilst providing our clients with success oriented, purpose driven team members."

Frida Mulili

Client Success Executive

She has a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations from USIU, and has a passion for helping clients find the perfect hire. In her free time, Frida is an avid book-reader - her favorite author is Paulo Coelho.

"To ease the recruitment process for employers, the search for good quality candidates."

Kelvin Wainaina

Client Success Executive

Makes sure your Duma experience is unforgettable & as smooth and easy as you would love it to be from the moment you join the platform. Loves how you can create your own world with just a blank paper & a pencil & amazingly how 3D technology gives that world a life.

"To be part of a job matching revolution that will make sure you will never miss an opportunity because no one informed you about it."