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For customer service week #CSWEEK17 the idea of smiling is all I could think of. Because I had a particularly tough week and often found that I had to psych myself up to smile.

At Duma Works we believe that is exactly where excellent customer service begins and ends with – a smile.

It is perhaps the most contagious and natural facial expression that comes to us humans. As a matter of fact, it has been proven in scientific studies that most people find it very difficult to frown when they look at someone smiling at them. So how is this relevant to customer service?

Here is a telling tale…

Meet Tandiwe…

She has been working for a 2-year-old startup that sells laptops without a keyboard, but instead with an algorithm that allows you to type and access all its functions using only your eye movements.

As the head sales executive, her boss tasked her to meet with a very high profile prospective client who works for a big television company and wanted to buy a big bulk of these new age laptops. Her boss instructed him meet him at the office, welcome him, and tell him about the company and the products he is interested in.

In the morning on her way to work, she had a terrible argument with her boyfriend. When she arrived into the office, she went straight to the bathroom and cried for a good 10 minutes. As you can imagine, she had red puffy eyes, and a terrible scowl on her face.

A Young man in a suit

She decided to go outside to get some air and try and get a grip of herself. As she was sitting on the stairs, wiping her tears away, a young man in a suit walked passed her and saw her crying. They made eye contact and Tandiwe quickly looked away feeling slightly embarrassed that she was crying.

About 5 mins later, she received a call from the client saying he had arrived in the office. She was’t expecting the client until much later and it suddenly dawned on her that the young man in the suit was the client that she was scheduled to meet. She quickly got up and forcefully calmed herself down and put on a big smile on her face. She carried on the conversation positively and in the same cheerful manner. She couldn’t help but noticed just how engaged and smiley the client was.

At the end of end of meeting, he confirmed that he would be making an order for 15 laptops instead of 5 which was his initial order. Not only did he buy the laptops, he also asked to partner up with the company.

He gave his feedback to Tandiwe’s boss explaining that the main reason he decided to increase the order boiled down to one simple thing-Tandiwe’s smile. That is what sealed the deal.

You should be aware that Tandiwe’s role in this startup was in no way to do with being a customer sales representative. Which is reflective of the fact that customer service isn’t solely for people with that job title. Every person in every organisations should understand the value of good customer service and the skills required.

One smile to rule them all

A key skill – yes skill  to master when providing outstanding customer service is the ability to smile. Smiling instantly tells the brain to release endorphins (the feel-good hormone) into your system. Once you smile, there is a knock-on effect that allows your creativity to flow which in turn allows you to tune into your other sales skills such as being convincing, reassuring, and confidence.

Because we now live in an age where doing business in person is slowly decreasing due to many technological advances i.e video calling, a sense of actual face-to-face interaction often goes unappreciated. The power of a genuine smile whether it’s in person, over a video call, or even on the phone imparts a sense of humanity and closeness that makes good customer service, excellent customer service.

Remember: “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” Just ask Tandiwe.

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Happy #CSWEEK17!



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