Duma Works Fights for Transparent Recruiting in Africa

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Godfathers, insiders, and chai are ruining the Kenyan economy, one incompetent person at a time

The stress of finding a job in Kenya is only compounded by the fear of needing to bribe, drink with, or do other questionable things with future bosses. Transparent recruiting is a rarity.

The problem is that the only way a company can grow is if they have the best people in each and every one of their job positions. When a company hires people based on non-merit-based elements, they are effectively ruining their company’s ability to succeed. If this happens to enough companies, the lack in productivity can grow from one company into the entire national economic output.

Therefore, selecting a job candidate should be a merit-based process. Job seekers should be able to showcase their technical skill and soft skills, and then get the job or not based on their performance and fit.

Why do these negative practices still exist?

When there is no transparent hiring platform to use, hiring managers do not have any way of being held accountable for their hiring decisions. This typically opens a loop hole for hiring managers to employ their friends, or for bosses to strong-arm their hiring managers into hiring their friends.

This is not necessarily a choice made out of malice, but lack of better alternatives.

Duma Works was built to fight the culture of godfathers, chai, and insider politics with a transparent recruiting platform

Duma Works is a totally merit-based, transparent recruiting process. Our team first works with hiring managers to understand the technical, cultural, and personality traits that would make the best candidate. We then work together with the hiring manager to design customized screening questions. We use these to evaluate the job seeker’s percentage “fit” for the role.

The hiring manager can then make a decision about which candidates to invite to the interview based on their screening test results, their CV, and other factors like personality-fit, that our team includes in the client’s shortlist.

Is referral-based hiring and insider politics the same?

Not really. Referral-based hiring is all about using references to help find the right culture fit amongst people who are all already technically qualified. It is the icing on the cake.

The problem comes with insider politics because often candidates selected for those reasons have not been technically screened and may not be the best qualified for the role, yet selected nonetheless.

Does this merit-based system work? Yes!

Overall, we have seen some incredible results so far.

Companies have consistently told us that our shortlisted candidates have outperformed those of other recruiting companies and job boards. Hiring Managers now have a transparent system in place that gives them the chance to make a merit-based recruiting decision and stand up to insider politics. There is now a system to fight attempts at godfathering and chai that works.

And of course, people looking for jobs can go through a bit less stress during the application process!

Every time a candidate says something like “I was so surprised when you contacted me about this job because you don’t even know me,” or “I loved this test because it shows you understand my field and I felt like you were really testing to see what I know,” we smile because we know we are doing something right.

If you want to try out a new way to recruit, check out how to get started our website and if you are looking for a merit-based job application process, you can sign up for free here.

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