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The BOMA Project is a fast-growing, award-winning non-profit in the US and a Kenyan NGO that is implementing a high-impact income and savings program for ultra-poor women in the drylands of Africa.   We do this through the Rural Entrepreneur Access Project (REAP), an innovative two-year poverty graduation program for women living in extreme poverty in northern Kenya.  BOMA is seeking to recruit a Procurement and Logistics Officer.

Position Summary:

The Procurement and Logistics Officer will be responsible for the acquisition, timely delivery, management and maintenance of all assets necessary for the operation of The BOMA Project programs in the Marsabit and Samburu Counties.  In coordination with the Director of Field Operations and the Manager of Finance and Human Resources, the Procurement and Logistics Officer (PLO) will be responsible for the management and maintenance of project vehicles, premises, office furniture and equipment. He/she is also responsible for the provision of services such as Internet access, security, water and power. This is a full time position based in Nanyuki with a requirement for frequent travel to BOMA field offices in Marsabit and Samburu Counties. Reporting to the Country Director, the PLO will work closely with the Director of Field Operations to ensure acquisition and maintenance of the infrastructure needed for program delivery.


1.    Houses
a.    Ensure that all houses leased or owned by BOMA are well maintained
b.    Ensure that they are clean and secure
c.    Ensure that necessary services are provided such as internet, water and power
d.    Ensure that lease payments are made on time
e.    Ensure that any landlord required repairs are attended to promptly
2.    Offices
a.    Ensure that all offices leased or owned by BOMA are well maintained
b.    Ensure that they are clean and secure
c.    Ensure that necessary services are provided such as internet, water and power
d.    Ensure that lease payments are made on time
e.    Ensure that stocks of consumable items such as fresh water, tea, coffee and sugar are available and accountable for staff use in the office only.
f.    Ensure that any landlord required repairs to windows, roofs and bathrooms are attended to promptly
3.    Vehicles (this duty to be performed in close coordination with the Director of Field Operations)
a.    Oversee and maintain BOMA’s fleet of vehicles, to confirm all insurance and logbooks are in compliance with Kenyan law.
b.    Oversee maintenance and repair of the vehicles, including a vehicle maintenance record book for each vehicle that records all service dates, parts and labor.   Communicate clearly all required maintenance needs and the days required for such activities.
c.    Oversee a process for vehicle departures from field offices that maintains a checklist prior to departure and a vehicle check-in when vehicles return, documenting vehicle cleaning and service needs.
d.    Maintain a logbook of kilometers driven and passengers for each BOMA trip, ensuring correct allocation of fuel and other costs to each program
e.    Ensure that all visitors, interns, donors and extra passengers in BOMA vehicles sign a Liability Waiver form.
f.    Ensure that vehicles are solely used for the charitable purposes of BOMA and its staff.
g.    Ensure safe operation and storage of vehicles at all times.
h.    Equip and maintain the vehicles with the proper safety and theft deterrent equipment.
4.    Security
a.    Arrange for guard services at the houses and offices if not already provided
b.    Manage the guard staff that are direct employees of BOMA
c.    Negotiate and manage contracts with security organizations
d.    Security for field operations is the responsibility of the Director of Field Operations
5.    Services and Supplies
a.    Ensure timely payment of all utilities and that the provision of water and power is not interrupted at BOMA houses and offices.
b.    Ensure that office staff maintain supplies of office supplies such as paper, ink, computer and meeting supplies
c.    Ensure that the offices and houses are cleaned. Manage the cleaning staff or cleaning services contracts as necessary
6.    Finance and Procurement
a.    Adhere to the BOMA Procurement policy and ensure that for all purchases in excess of KES 50,000, at least three competitive quotes are received prior to purchase.
b.    Ensure that all purchases in excess of KES 50,000 are approved by the Procurement Committee
c.    Report all expenses to the Finance and HR Manager at the end of every month
7.    Administrative
a.    Reporting/Planning
i.    In conjunction with the executive team and the Country Director, and the Director of Field Operations, formulate and follow work plans to provide for all infrastructure elements required in the annual budget.
ii.    Provide required reporting and monitoring documents that meet donor requirements to the Country Director and fundraising team.
iii.    In conjunction with the Director of Field Operations, the Regional Manager in the field offices, establish and maintain internal procedures for the Marsabit and Maralal offices that will provide full transparency and accountability of all funds.
iv.    Participate in the development and leadership of strategic plans and goals.
b.    Field Offices
i.    In conjunction with the Regional Manager, and the Director of Field Operations, oversee the hiring and management of support staff – guards, cleaning staff but not drivers.
ii.    Ensure that field offices are managed in a manner that supports a productive working environment during normal working hours, Monday to Friday.
iii.    In coordination with the Director of Field Operations and the Regional Manager manage the security of the Marsabit office so that all equipment and records are secure.
iv.    Periodically conduct quality control visits to the field offices and BOMA locations.
8.    Financial
a.    Reporting
i.    Ensure infrastructure spending is in accordance with the Annual Budget, highlighting where variances will occur and that financial operations are in keeping with BOMA’s financial policies and procedures.
ii.    Provide all required financial, reporting and monitoring documents to the Nanyuki-based Finance Team in a timely manner.
9.    Other: Any other duties as assigned.


•    At least a Diploma in Business Administration, Logistics. (Proven relevant experience in a similar position in lieu of a Diploma may be considered).
•    A minimum of three years’ experience in a similar position in Northern Kenya
•    Demonstrable ability to coordinate staff activities
•    Proven competency/experience in vehicle and property maintenance
•    Possession of self-drive; able to work with minimal supervision
•    Must possess a valid clean driving license
•    Good report writing skills


If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please send your application letter and detailed CV by email to [email protected] marking the subject as “1936”, Your Full name & Phone number e.g. 1936, Barack Obama, 07xxxxxxxxx. If you don’t follow these instructions, your application will not go through

Deadline for receiving applications: 30th November 2015

* When applying to any job through Duma Works, you can expect that after you apply, you will receive a confirmation email, and then an SMS alert asking you to take a basic screening test over SMS. The SMS with the test may not arrive immediately. Please be patient. The SMS test will typically be 5-8 questions to help us understand your background. Regular SMS rates apply to the test, and if you ever have any issues with the process, please reach out to 0702093793.
BOMA is an equal opportunity employer.

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