Job Opening – Security Provider Senior Operations Manager

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Duma Works is recruiting a Senior Operations Manager for one of our clients, a leading security provider in East Africa


To receive and review mission command tasking’s from the Head of Operations and then deliver that command and control to the Operations Stem Command Team.



  • Is to manage and provide effective leadership to the Operations Stem Command Team.
  • Resources are appropriately and effectively allocated to key areas of work and that priorities are always covered adequately.
  • Produce manning schedules and plans of how the Stem Command Team will cover the operational commitments including leave and the reliever line, if an upscale of manning is required to cover the reliever line then permission is to be sort via the Senior Operations Manager.
  • Receive and review Tasking’s given by the Head of Operations. Once reviewed a scheme of work needs to be produced, giving timelines and budgetary constraints as a minimum.
  • Once approval of the scheme of work has been given by the Head of Operations (continuous progress reports need to be given to the Head of Operations this can be carried out through reports and returns as well as weekly meetings), liaison with relevant departments regarding training can begin.
  • As well as liaising with other department’s regarding tasking’s the Senior Operations Manager will assist the Operational Stem Command Team in undertaking various tasks in accordance with the “mandatory requirements” of the security policy and procedures framework, including undertaking; security risk assessments, drafting relevant policies and procedures and compiling security reports, equipment maintenance, managing guards in additional to service provision such as cash-in-transit and fire services.
  • To oversee that the correct level and standard of equipment, uniform and PPE is issued and used by the company’s Operational personnel.
  • Will proof read all operational documentation prior to it being passed up the chain i.e. Incident Reports, SVAs etc.
  • Manage performance, ensuring interim and main reviews are undertaken within the set timescales.
  • If required will be tasked by the Head of Operations to assist other departments such as Sales and Customer Care.
  • To assist the Operations Stem Command Team in focusing upon security operations as a core function relevant to their department, keeping physical security measures under constant review to ensure they are equipped to meet current customer needs.


  • The Senior Operations Manager is to account for operational equipment on a Monthly basis, be that via physical checks or check of signature paperwork.
  • Is to carryout spot checks of operational equipment such as motor bikes to ensure equipment is not be misused. These spot checks are to be on a b-weekly, all data is to be captured and presented to the Head of Operations.
  • Is to highlight any shortages of equipment that are having an operational impact for example lack of mobile response vehicles etc.
  • Is to review on a monthly basis equipment, uniforms, literature/material, software in use, if there are areas that could be improved to greater support the operations department and wider company then a proposal including costings and reasons why should be presented to the Head of Operations monthly.


  • To oversee that the Operations Stem Command Team are operating inside of their yearly departmental budgets.
  • Effectively manage and control the Operations Stem Command Teams respective departmental budgets and provide accurate information to necessary functions when required.
  • The Senior Operations Manager is to produce predicted yearly budgets and present to the Head of Operations covering all areas under his/her command.

Security Breaches/Investigations:

  • Act as a focal point for investigations involving security operations (Country wide) oversee the preparation of reports and follow up action.
  • Receive information and report any significant security breaches to the Head of Operations; undertake full investigations; recommend course of action in consultation with the Operational Stem Command Team.

Disaster Recovery:

  • Participate in one of the leading capacities during any incidents and emergencies.
  • Be on call on a 24 hours x 7 days basis for any emergencies occurring.
  • Be a leading part of the company’s Major Incident and Emergency Response Team.


  • Is to ensure the Operational Stem Command Team are completing their company required training i.e. a Refresher training, Health and Safety, Medical etc.
  • Will ensure all direct subordinates are being developed either internally or externally recommendations can be given to outsource development such as Masters or Business development courses.

People Management:

  • Oversee that requests for leave are being managed and controlled, ensuring operational commitments are not affected.
  • Give direct supervision to the Operations Stem Command Team ensuring objectives and targets are being met in the manner expected by the organisation.
  • Ensure, delegating as appropriate, that each service within the Senior Operations Managers sections of the Operations department is adequately managed, staffed and resourced.
  • Ensure the performance of the Operational Stem Command Team is monitored and measured in accordance with the company staff performance policy, taking necessary remedial action as and when necessary.

Customer Service:

  • Oversee the process of Operations and Customer Care to resolve customer issues, through consultation in the shortest times possible.
  • Ensure the Operations department is maintaining customer satisfaction ratings at or above department objective, at all times.
  • Assist with the process of supporting the Customer Care team with queries and promote an accommodating team environment, proactively searching for realistic solutions to problems.
  • Harness a culture that understands that there is no situation extraordinary enough to excuse lack of courtesy towards any customer or member of staff.
  • Ensure Operational staff understand the importance of the delivering the company’s personal touch.


Corporate success factors:

  • Deliver quality service, every day, every time.
  • Leading provider of innovative technology based security solutions.
  • Adherence to a robust revenue collection policy.
  • Continuous improvement of processes, procedures and service delivery.
  • Value adding talent management and succession planning model.

Manager Manned Guarding:

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  • A security professional with a proven track recorded in security management, planning and coordinating.
  • An ability to carry out scope of work and produce the relevant level of paperwork to support such schemes.
  • Enthusiastic and committed approach with a track record of building strong, trusted base relationships with colleagues and stakeholders at all levels
  • A sound working knowledge of security best practice and legislation affecting the security role.
  • Strong management and leadership skills together with excellent communication, influencing, negotiating and engagement skills.
  • An excellent level of IT skills with a very good working knowledge of the range of MS Office packages.
  • A very good knowledge of technology driven security solutions as well as a willingness to continually upgrade that knowledge.
  • Sound judgement and decision making skills, with a “hands on”, problem solving approach, able to remain calm under pressure and take control of incidents, pro-active and self-motivated.
  • An ability to work as part of team and also have the ability to lead teams.
  • Experience of writing procedures, drafting reports, preparing business cases and compiling and adjusting requirements to meet shortfalls in staffing levels.
  • Excellent planning and organisation skills to meet deadlines and pay attention to detail, with a consulting mindset.
  • Understanding financial practices such as cost control and budgeting, demonstrating financial acumen in all decision making.
  • Must have the highest level of integrity, vigilant and of sound judgement.
  • Should be unrelenting in the pursuit of excellence, ensuring to lead by setting the standards.


  • A bachelor in a relevant field with a willingness to undergo a Masters, as well as security based qualifications.
  • Professional management qualification and a member of a recognised professional management governing body.
  • A minimum of 10 years of experience in high level security with a minimum of four years working in a security managerial role.
  • A basic accounting qualification or relevant proven exposure to budget management.
  • Working knowledge of multiple security functions and security driven technology solutions.
  • A minimum of 5 years experience as an operations lead at a recognised security firm






Applications letters and detailed CV are to be sent by email to [email protected] marking the subject as “Senior Operations Manager 1773”, Your Full name &  Phone number. If you don’t follow these instructions, your application will not go through.


* When applying to any job through Duma Works, you can expect that after you apply, you will receive a confirmation email, and then an SMS alert asking you to take a basic screening test over SMS. The SMS with the test may not arrive immediately. Please be patient. The SMS test will typically be 5-8 questions to help us understand your background. Regular SMS rates apply to the test, and if you ever have any issues with the process, please reach out to 0702093793​​

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