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Duma Works is recruiting an Administrative & Communications Assistant for TNR Trust in Nairobi.

TNR Trust is a registered Trust, whose main purpose is to improve Community Health by helping to eradicate rabies in Kenya through vaccinating dogs and cats against rabies, addressing the overpopulation of free roaming dogs and cats through sterilization, and educating the public on rabies prevention and general animal welfare. We believe that our ‘community’ includes all flora and fauna, people and the environment and that all are interdependent.

Position Details

Contract duration/type: 1 year fixed term, annual renewals depending on available funding & performance indicators

Induction: Orientation with the Board of Trustees and Administration Officer

Reporting to: Executive Officer

The primary overall objective of this role is to support the Administrative Officer with routine administrative and operational tasks necessary for the effective operation of the Trust. The second objective is to be the communications & graphic design support to enhance communications.

Objective 1:  Communications support

  • Manage social media correspondence
  • Assist with writing posts, blogs and posting schedule
  • Research information for posts
  • Design posters, flyers etc for fundraising, education & promotion needs
  • Manage the website
  • Answering phones & emails;
  • Communication with donors
  • Keeping an updated calendar of animal events (World Dog Adoption Day…etc) so that we can tap into those for fundraising and outreach activities

Objective 2: Administrative and Finance Support

  • Maintain campaign Database
  • Volunteer administration
  • Manage Stationery stocks
  • Manage flyer stocks and printing

Objective 3:  Events & Logistics Support

Key activities & responsibilities to achieve this objective:

  • support fundraising events planning &logistics
  • logistical support to adoption coordinator
  • maintaining a current register of equipment
  • manage foster homes
  • assist Admin officer with preparation of campaign logistics

Internal & External relationships


  • Executive Officer
  • Trustees
  • Employees
  • Volunteers
  • Dogs & cats


  • Social media platforms
  • Foster families & Adopting families
  • Event organizers
  • Donors
  • Pet food & other supply companies
  • Dogs & cats

Reporting Responsibilities (which reports/documentation does this role produce or maintain)

  • Supply/stock list
  • Equipment register
  • Fostered & adopted dogs register
  • Veterinarian suppliers accounts
  • Calendars of local events + international theme days

Position Requirements


  • Diploma or degree in a relevant field
  • Minimum three (3) years of relevant professional experience
  • Proven success meeting targets through social media engagement
  • Applicant is a Kenyan National

Skills and Experience


  • Experience in graphic design, writing of social media posts, fundraising communication
  • Highly developed communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent command of spoken and written English and Kiswahili
  • Proven graphic design skills
  • High level Microsoft Office program experience & skills (Word, Excel, Database)
  • Extremely well organized
  • Self-motivated, hardworking
  • Team player, cooperative and collaborative
  • Able to meet deadlines, handle multiple competing priorities and urgent arising issues calmly and effectively
  • Excellent ability to give timely updates/feedback to the management


• Experience (including in personal sphere) interacting with dogs/other animals
• Interest in community welfare
• Practical knowledge of website software management


To apply online, click here

This position will remain open until filled 

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