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Duma Works is recruiting a Finance and HR Manager. The hiring company is Watervale Investments.

About Watervale Investments

Watervale’s vision is for every Kenyan to have a comfortable and dignified space to sit, sleep and socialize. Our approach is to unlock the potential of small-scale furniture entrepreneurs at the center of Kenya’s furniture industry.

With a team of 55 people Watervale today supports 155 enterprises in more than 40 cities across Kenya, directly contributing to the manufacture furniture for over 25,000 families every year and indirectly sustaining 5,000 jobs in the sector. As a young and quickly-growing company we offer an exciting, dynamic working environment with opportunity for growth for our employees.

About the Position

Our company has quickly grown from its founding in 2014 to serving hundreds of furniture material retailers across Kenya. The Finance and HR Manager is a new position who will oversee the company’s core accounting and human resource functions, adapting them to meet the needs of a growing enterprise.
This role is ideal for an up and coming manager with an accounting background eager to develop their career as a key part of a growing team. The Finance and HR Manager will have a keen eye for detail and a passion for building and running strong systems that will underpin the organization’s success. They will be a practical decision-maker, able to prioritize resources to effectively advance company goals. This person will also be eager to manage a growing team, supporting the professional development of its members.

Lead key accounting and finance functions

You will required to to:-

  • Build upon existing systems, processes and policies to ensure key administrative functions run smoothly and on a strong foundatioN;
  • Ensure adequate controls are in place to support judicious use of company resources;
  • Manage short-term cash flows, ensuring timely payments to suppliers and receipts from customers and balancing inflows and outflows;
  • Oversee and verify key reconciliations to ensure accuracy of financial data;
  • Ensure timely financial data and reports are available to support senior management decision making;
  • Lead key human resource functions;
  • Ensure a clear recruiting process is in place and that hiring managers receive support in sourcing and shortlisting candidates for new roles;
  • Set up new employees for success through comprehensive training and on-boarding;
  • Develop and support company-wide performance management processes;
  • Ensure proper HR compliance and record keeping;
  • Develop and lead a high performing finance and HR team;
  • Invest in coaching and development of your team, taking advantage of opportunities to grow team members’ responsibilities and keep pace with company growth;
  • Maintain a high-performance culture, rewarding outstanding accomplishment;
  • Hire and coach new talent into the finance & HR teams in line with the company’s expansion strategy

Minimum Qualifications and Competencies

You will required to to:-

  • Be a strong leader, and posses at least 3 years’ experience managing individuals in finance, accounting, HR and/or admin roles;
  • Have a proven track record of motivating and developing your direct reports;
  • Have at least 3 years’ experience in a finance role, including deep professional knowledge of finance and accounting, including issues of compliance and control;
  • Posses significant exposure to HR administration and a working knowledge of labor regulations;
  • Be highly organized and attentive to detail, and have a passion for bringing order through systems and processes;
  • Have an entrepreneurial streak and have drawn energy from working in a young company, start-up environment or other environment of rapid growth and change;
  • Enjoy working on multiple diverse projects and tasks simultaneously;
  • Thrive when you are able to take initiative, you are considered very self-managing and do best in an environment where you are given high-level goals and take initiative to achieve them;
  • Be confident in your own ability to perform and inspire others to perform, and you are eager to take on responsibility for a key team within our company;
  • Find the prospect of being rewarded according to your ability to grow a team extremely motivating;
  • Possess a strong analytical toolkit, and you frequently apply quantitative analysis to decision-making.

To Apply

Please click here to fill the  brief form to express your interest and share information that will help us consider you for the opportunity.

If you apply and don’t meet these minimum qualifications, we won’t be able to forward your application to the employer.

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