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Generation Kenya is seeking a talented Food and Beverage Instructor to join their team in Nairobi.

The Food & Beverage program is an intensive 6-week course which focuses on a combination of technical, behavioral and mindset skills required to be successful in a hospitality environment.  

The Instructor will report to the Generation Operations Regional Lead and will work in collaboration with Quality Assurance Assistants and Generation Program Kenya staff

The job description outlined below represents a broad scope of responsibilities and may change based on Generation strategy.

Who You Will Work With

You will be part of Generation:  

Worldwide, more than 75 million young people are unemployed. But many employers can’t find people with the skills they need for entry-level jobs. Generation was created in 2014 to help bridge this gap—at speed and scale.

We have built a skills-training methodology that can serve hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions, of young people a year. And we’re building proof that this training creates real business outcomes for employers, and lasting career impact for trainees—so everyone has the incentive to invest in skills. Our goal is to help our students achieve personal and professional success—and fundamentally change their life trajectories. Generation programs prepare unemployed or underemployed young people, aged 18 to 35, for jobs in multiple sectors.

Generation programs are structured as intensive boot camps ranging from 5-12 weeks. The programs will offer students integrated technical, behavioral, mindset, and employment skills training, mentorship support and community services as well as job-placement support when they graduate.


Generation outcomes to date: Generation has graduated >26,000 young people across 100+ cities in 12 countries, in just over four years of operation. In Kenya, Generation has successfully launched five training programs: Financial Services Sales, Retail and Restaurant Services, Distributed Sales, Customer Service Agents and Sewing Machine Operations. Generation Kenya has trained 16,000+ graduates to date, and in 2019 we’re targeting to train ~6,700 additional graduates who will need to be placed into employment.

What You Will Do

Generation is seeking a talented full-time Instructor to deliver our Food & Beverage program.

As the individual that interacts with participants daily, you will have the greatest potential to ensure Generation participants succeed during and beyond the program.

This role will report directly to the Operations Regional Lead and work closely with the Training & Quality Assurance function.


Main Responsibilities

Delivery of Training

  • Follow the overarching structure and flow of your program’s curriculum.
  • Prepare for effective delivery by understanding and personalizing session plans prior to class.
  • Engage participants in active thinking and participation.
  • Deliver instruction that is rigorous, relevant, and appropriate for adults.
  • Conduct assessments and record data as outlined by the curriculum.
  • Collaborate with Generations’ Quality team and commit to act on any feedback based on achieving the required quality standard of the program


Program Management

  • Support in mobilizing targeted youth using Generation-specific promotional and communications strategies which include but are not limited to;

o Mapping areas in the community frequented by targeted youth

o Scheduling and conducting meetings with key stakeholders

  • Distribution of mobilization materials to faith based and youth serving organizations in the communities
  • Represent Generation during events/activities held around the training location/region working with the Generation Kenya Communications office
  • Identify and engage stakeholders who would be keen on supporting Generation’s operations at the centers such as community organizations, youth leaders, sponsorship organizations etc.
  • Represent Generation on local media when opportunities are availed, working very closely with the Generation Kenya Communications office
  • Screening candidates and preparing them to attend to the training
  • Serve as the primary point of contact between Generation participants, program coordinators, and other stakeholders
  • Any other administrative duties required to ensure successful operations of the program.


Data Management

  • Support Generation’s data-driven model by inputting the following data into the data tool:

o Attendance of participants (including grooming status, dropouts & punctuality)

o Participant assessment Data

o Jobs Application Data

  • Collaborate with Generation’s Data Team and commit to acting on any feedback that intends to increase data completion to Generation’s global standards



  1. Build relationships with participants, develop an understanding of their personal strengths and challenges, and foster a supportive classroom environment
  2. Identify and onboard Generation alumni mentors to mentor class students
  3. Assign each student a mentorship group where they will be mentored by the volunteer alumni mentors
  4. Ensure mentors are meeting with their mentees and that the mentorship groups are active
  5. Work with class mentors to identify and mitigate potential risks to participant success and achievement of their goals
  6. Motivate and support participants to persevere through challenges and continue on their journey of professional and personal growth.

Required Experience:

  1. Diploma in hospitality
  2. Minimum of 3 years on-the-job experience in the same industry
  3. Experience in teaching will be an added advantage


Required Skills:

  1. Proven computer literacy in MS-Word, MS- Excel MS-Access or related programs required
  2. Good networking skills are strongly desired
  3. Ability to facilitate positive change and build sustainable working relationships
  4. Ability to meet deadlines and handle diverse tasks simultaneously
  5. Strong presentation skills


Core Competencies:

  • Motivational Fit

  1. Commit to and empathize with young people and disconnected populations
  2. Work successfully in a fast-paced, start-up environment
  3. Fulfill the expectations of the instructor role inside and outside of the Generation classroom.
  • Delivery of Skills-based Training

  1. Follow the overarching structure and flow of a curriculum.
  2. Engage participants in active thinking and participation.
  3. Deliver instruction that is rigorous, relevant, and appropriate for adults


  • Commitment to Reflection and Growth

  1. Be self-reflective.
  2. Openly receive and give feedback on his / her performance.
  3. Apply feedback and pursue additional learning to strengthen his / her performance.
  • Effective Communication

  1. Adapt his / her communication style to reflect and connect with the diverse experiences of participants.
  2. Explain complex topics in a non-technical way.
  • Personal Responsibility

  1. Act professionally at all times, meeting Generation’s expectations and policies, even under pressure.
  2. Set and attain goals, even in difficult circumstances.
  3. Acknowledge mistakes and learn from them.
  4. Work independently with limited oversight and seek assistance when needed.

To Apply

Send an application attaching a CV to [email protected] by 12.00pm Friday 6th September 2019

More about Generation and how to apply:


Equality and diversity: Generation is committed both to promoting equality and diversity within the organization and to equal opportunities in employment. We believe in equality of opportunity regardless of race or racial group (including colour, nationality, ethnicity, national origins), religion or belief, age, disability, sexual orientation, sex, gender re-assignment and gender identity, marriage and civil partnership, and pregnancy, maternity and paternity. This also includes any incidents of perceptive or associative discrimination and harassment. All employment decisions are made entirely on merit. Generation does not ask for payment from people that apply for jobs with Generation at any stage of the hiring process. If you have any specific queries, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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