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Duma Works is recruiting a General Manager for one of its clients in Nairobi, Moko Home + Living.


 Moko Home + Living is a growing company bursting with innovation, creativity, and passion.  Our customers dream of a better night’s sleep, a welcoming place to host their guests, a fun and safe place for their children to play. But they tell us this isn’t easy – they have to settle for low-quality furnishings or break the bank.  Join us in building the products, the brand and the network to put quality living within everyone’s reach.  Here’s what our team has accomplished in the few years since our founding:

  •  Reached over 100,000 Kenyan homes with our products
  • Attracted global investment to continue fuelling our growth and vision
  • Supported the growth of over 200 small furniture businesses across the country
  • Grown from a start-up to a mid-sized company




Our General Manager leads Moko’s B2B business vertical as well as our finance, supply chain and distribution teams.  Your daily focus will be on growing our mature B2B business – which accounts for the majority of the company’s revenue – and delivering top-notch operational support across the company.   This role is ideal for a senior cross-functional leader who is an exceptional decision-maker, tactical problem solver, leader and coach.  You’ll be incredibly candid, passionate and never satisfied with the status quo – these qualities will push your teams and our business to new heights.




Lead key company-wide operational functions 

  • Support growth in our operations team’s increasingly complex warehousing operations and rising deliveries to customers
  • Scale and improve our supply chain team’s global and local procurement of raw materials and finished goods
  • Streamline accounting operations and develop our finance team apace with the company’s evolving needs
  • Lead company-wide budgeting and financial planning
  • Coordinate support from your teams to our manufacturing, retail, marketing and talent departments
  • Direct reports: Finance, Supply Chain, and Operations managers


Lead our B2B vertical

  • Profit and loss responsibility for our B2B business, which distributes furniture materials to retailers across Kenya and accounts for the majority of our revenue
  • Coordinate your teams in bringing delight to our customers while maximizing profitability
  • Support the B2B sales team in optimizing product mix, developing new and existing customers and improving collections
  • Direct report: B2B Sales Manager


Instill world-class management practice in your teams

  • Ensure effective coaching and professional development at all levels
  • Support your teams in effective decision making and problem-solving
  • Maintain a clear focus on performance in support of achieving the company’s goals
  • Ensure that Moko’s culture is felt and lived in all your teams
    • We’re open and honest with each other and our customers – delivering on our promises and pushing each other to our full potential
    • We’re always improving and looking for better ways of doing things – this means taking the individual initiative as well as supporting our teammates
    • We don’t just do the job but are passionate about our work – the source of this passion is our enthusiasm for bringing smiles to our customers’ faces





You’ll join the senior leadership team of one of East Africa’s most successful growth-stage companies, playing a key role in our development into a major enterprise. You’ll be stretched every day by world-class colleagues, expanding your skills and responsibilities as your teams and our company grow rapidly.


We believe this distinct and rare experience is the most valuable benefit we offer new leaders who join our team.  In addition to this, you’ll earn a competitive salary and benefits package, including stock options – allowing you to participate in the value you create as a leader of our team.




  • Your direct reports have told you you’re the best manager they’ve ever had – you support them while challenging them to do their best and holding them accountable for results
  • You’d describe yourself as candid, passionate, continuously improving
  • You are a strong leader, with deep experience managing teams across different functional areas – you have a proven track record of developing your teams and delivering incredible results
  • You’re highly process-oriented and believe clearly defined and measured processes lay the foundation for high performance and continuous improvement within teams
  • You are an adaptable professional who has drawn energy from working in an environment of rapid growth and change
  • You thrive when you’re able to take initiative and do best in an environment where you are given high-level goals and the freedom and authority to achieve them
  • You possess a strong analytical toolkit and rely on data to reach your best decisions
  • You’re a strong tactical problem-solver eager to support teams in defining and defeating their biggest challenges


To apply online click here or Visit

Deadline for receiving applications: Monday, 30 September 2019


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