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Duma Works is recruiting a Human Resource Manager for our client, KRK Advocates LLP.
KRK Advocates LLP is a young up and coming law firm geared at providing legal solutions and consulting
services to a wide array of clients. The firm caters and serves clients from various sectors of the economy such as government, non-governmental organizations, large and medium-sized organizations, financial sector player and high net worth individuals. With an increasing demand for our services, KRK Advocates LLP is looking to recruit a Human Resource Manager to join its highly capable operations team.

Job Summary

The HR Manager shall serve the organization in this capacity and within the People and Business docket under the Operations domain. The position reports directly to the Head of People & Business and has a dotted line of reporting to the Managing Partner. The position also interacts with and answers to the Partners as it is part of the Senior Management Team (SMT) as shall be guided and or delegated by the Head of People & Business from time to time.
The position is tasked with supporting the People & Business docket in supporting the business agenda through promoting effective people management and best practices within the HR docket as the firm grows and enhances its structures and internal systems. S/he will regularly consult with the Managing Partner through his/her direct supervisor as well as carrying out regular progress report updates both to the Managing Partner and the Senior Management Team. The HR manager shall work hand in hand with the Head of People & Business in ensuring that the SMT is on track towards the achievement of its outline Strategic & Organizational objectives.

Job Responsibilities and key tasks:

  1. Recruitment & Selection

    • Using the outlined recruitment process map, for every required recruitment of new staff ensure the recruitment process is followed end to end in order to deliver efficiency and quality candidates from each recruitment drive carried out.
    • Based on identified recruitment needs, work out suitable competency based recruitment method(s) to be applied for every category of staff being sought at an ideal cost within a set out budget
    • Partner with and report to hiring managers in every recruitment drive ensuring that the firm is able to identify the right talent that is a good fit for each position and for the firm
    • Ensure that the firm’s organizational human annual recruitment targets are met in a time efficient manner
  2. Manpower planning & forecasting

    • Carry out a workforce analysis and projection annually to determine likely needed resources for the coming year based on forecasted business operations and goals
    • In liaison with domain leaders and their domain strategies pre-determine the likely
      manpower required for the coming year, the level at which the manpower is to be
      procured, firm’s offer and overall additional manpower cost as a result
  3. Contract & probation management

    • Following successful candidate selection and offer acceptance, draw up the relevant and applicable employment contracts to establish a mutual agreement between the firm and selected candidates
    • Maintain a database and record of all mutually accepted contracts between the firms’ employees and or contractors providing consulting services to the firm
    • In the case of fixed term contracts both employment/consultancy, monitor the operational dates to ensure that termination/ renewal is done on time without any expiry of the same
    • With the guidance of the probation management policy, ensure that the probation period and the set out key review periods are observed with feedback conversations taking place between domain leaders and staff on probation with a record being kept of the discussions held
    • Ensure timely staff confirmation, remedial action taken upon probation deadline date with the appropriate communication being issued out to the respective staff.
  4. Employee on boarding and induction

    • Using the induction guide provided, ensure that employee on boarding for all new incumbents is followed efficiently and effectively with a smooth transition and introduction into the firm being offered to the new joiners
    • Create & implement a suitable and relevant induction plan for new joiners involving different stakeholders within the firm
    • Perform the set out HR functions required during the induction process to ensure smooth settling in of the incumbent into the organization and perform a feedback session to gauge their understanding of the firm and its operations
    • Liaise and guide the administration team on what to put in place and what tasks to handle to ensure that the new incumbent is settled in and well equipped
  5. HR information management

    • Ensure the proper management of employee records through the set out physical filing system ensuring that all required documents are collected from staff and present in their files
    • Update all created staff records on the Wakili CMS system enduring there are up to date
    • Maintain a clear to follow filing system of all HR related information, documents etc that are property of the firm once created for easy retrieval and reference
    • Create a shared portal for shared HR information to be availed to staff for their use in referencing material when the need arises
  6. Policy formulation & implementation

    • Determine and formulate all relevant HR policies in line with the Employment Act and as required by the firm
    • Roll out all formulated policies initially through familiarization of the same with the staff and partners before installing and implementing them
    • Ensure that equity, parity, transparency and consistency are observed and maintained in policy implementation and application
    • Act as an advisor and partner to the firm’s partners and people managers in the occurrence of employment issues, HR matters and in the strategic management of people within the context of policy
  7. HR budgeting & employee activity roll out

    • Create an annual HR budget comprising of all HR related overhead costs inclusive of recruitment costs
    • Monitor, manage and evaluate the usage of budget funds allocated ensuring that expenditure remains within the budget and exercising mindfulness to the management of funds when allocating limits to spend on various budget items
    • Roll out employee engagement activities in a timely manner striving to achieve the intended purpose for each engagement activity
  8. HR process mapping

    • Develop HR process maps to outline various HR processes where necessary, applicable and relevant
    • Introduce by way of rolling out the process maps both to the Senior Management Team and to the staff
    • Update and monitor the effectiveness of the process maps ensuring they are in line with company policy and practice as approved.
  9. Benefits Administration & Payroll processing

    • Carry out leave management of all staff within the outlined leave management process and using the ERP system availed
    • Liaise with the ERP vendor to ensure that leave days and balances are up to date and reflected on the system
    • Enforce compliance from the staff on leave applications being carried out on the ERP system to ensure that the balances are always a true reflection of what is the current status
    • Administer benefits offered by the firm transparently and efficiently in liaison with the service providers selected for each benefit
    • Countercheck reports submitted by the service provider both under pension, medical and GLA/WIBA monitoring submissions and cover usage
    • Act as the key liaison person between the staff and service providers when in need of assistance, services and clarification in the event that the staff cannot directly reach them like in the case of health coverage
    • Ensure efficient service provision and scheme operation in line with the policy
    • In collaboration with the finance office, ensure monthly payroll is processed on the 25th of every month with an aim of staff salaries being in the bank by the 28th incorporating any changes to be made on the payroll
  10. Discipline and Grievance management

    • As part of the HR policies formulated, and included in the employee handbook develop a grievance and disciplinary policy for implementation within the firm when required. The policy should highlight the discipline/grievance mechanism put in place, the key players in handling these type of situations and the process to be followed by affected staff when in such a situation
    • The HR office as part of the roles handled within the docket, is overall responsible for grievance and discipline handling and ensures that the appropriate measures are taken to address the situation at hand ensuring that objectivity and equity are observed in such a situation as well as confidentiality and sensitivity to the matter at hand
    • Act/provide counsel to staff, managers or partners when need be as part of grievance handling or in the mitigation of a likely conflict/discipline matter
    • Ensure that conflict, discipline and grievance management is handled in line within the firm’s policy ensuring that actions taken are not subjective or seen to be subjective across all levels of power in the firm
  11. Job analysis, evaluations, classifications & grading

    • In line with the set out organogram/structure, develop job descriptions for all positions not having job descriptions having carried out a job analysis and understanding of each of the firms roles and how they interrelate with each other
    • Periodically carry out job weightage and evaluation exercise to ensure that the positions within the firm are correctly graded based on their expected outputs, level of responsibility, level of education and skill required, complexity of the role and overall impact the role has internally and externally whilst observing market/industry/field changes
    • Use the relevant job evaluation tool when carrying out job evaluations and prepare a periodic report on the same summarizing the evaluation exercise and highlighting justifications on any changes to be made
  12. Staff off-boarding and separation

    • Review and update the outlined exit process and procedures periodically with an aim of smoothening out staff exit and separation
    • Where applicable e.g. in the case of retrenchment and redundancy ensure staff separation is carried out with the sensitivity and appropriate action it deserves
    • Ensure that staff clearance, payment of staff final dues and exit interviews is done on time and appropriate communication that needs to be disseminated out is sent out in a timely manner
    • Prepare any relevant separation documents that ought to go out with staff exiting the firm for issuance e.g. resignation acceptance letters, recommendation letters etc
  13. Compensation & Remuneration structuring

    • Develop a comprehensive remuneration structure offered by the firm for different job levels & the administration of the same as well as the firms regulations on the same
    • Highlight both the monetary and non-monetary elements of compensation offered by the firm across job levels determining a value where relevant that is quantifiable
    • Develop a salary and benefits administration policy outlining how salaries and benefits are administered within the firm, when staff are due for and increment, how to administer promotional increments etc
    • Clearly outline how increments are determined in principle based on the relevant merit and timelines of implementing the same
  14. Learning & Development

    • Ensure delivery of appropriate learning programmes to support business objectives by consulting with the Partners and the Senior Management Team as well as staff on felt learning needs
    • In line with the HR annual calendar, carry out a training/learning needs assessment to identify learning gaps and felt needs and inform the annual learning program
    • Develop innovative learning initiatives to foster knowledge development and sharing
    • Through performance assessment, determine human capital development needs and devise HR solutions around these
    • Coach, train and mentor where need be
    • Identify suitable industry trainers, subject experts etc to facilitate learning sessions
    • Encourage internal learning as part of the learning initiatives adopted within the firm
  15. Performance &Talent Management

    • Develop a Performance Management System that is suitable for the firm given its nature of business
    • Train and equip people managers involved in staff performance assessment on how to carry out the annual performance appraisal and have crucial conversations with their staff
    • Train staff on performance assessment and appraisals and how to understand and interact with the assessment tools by HR in self -rating as well as peer/supervisor rating
    • Ensure parity, confidentiality and equity are observed during performance appraisals keeping all data strictly confidential and having an opaque system transparent only on elements that ought to be shared in order to protect feedback sharing
    • Develop an appropriate system to synthesize performance data and aid crucial decision making concerning staff by the senior management team
    • Annually communicate any promotions or changes made as a result of performance appraisals and increments awarded as well as their adoption and payout commencement dates
    • Loop in talent management into performance management in order to foster staff development, progression and retention
  16. Support the execution of the HR strategy

    1. Support the Head of People and Business in the driving and execution of the set out people and business strategies outlined annually with an aim of attracting high quality talent, retaining the same and driving high levels of organizational performance
    2. Develop an annual HR calendar guiding various HR activities and the HR cycle for the year

17) Perform any other duties as may be assigned from time to time

Qualifications & Competencies:

Required skills & competencies:

  • Must be a member of IHRM
  • Demonstrable ability to understand the business and provide customized HR solutions
  • High level organizational & managerial skills
  • Strong and good interpersonal skills with the ability to relate to effectively with people at all levels
  • IT & numeracy skills with an Advanced level of Ms office skills required
  • Proven & demonstrable track record of ‘making a difference’
  • Ability to analyse, interpret & apply employment law
  • Should possess a high-level of integrity and approachability
  • Curiosity and a willingness to challenge & reset organizational culture
  • Ability to research, analyse and interpret and HR related data and reports and present the
    same in a professional manner
  • Ability to train & carry out training session on soft skills effectively to all levels of staff
  • Strong influencing & negotiating skills useful on all facets of the job
  • Knowledgeable and familiar with effective stakeholder management
  • Good leadership skills, tactful & possessing a high level of emotional intelligence
  • Entrepreneurial & innovative in thinking able to think out of the box
  • Trustworthy, reliable & able to observe confidentiality where required
  • Able to teach, coach & mentor those reporting to this position
  • Familiarity with a HRIS or ERP system will be an added advantage

Desired Experience:

  • 5-7 years’ work experience in a corporate environment. Experience with working in a
    Professional services firm will be an added advantage
  • 3-4 years leadership experience handling different levels of stakeholders

Academic Credentials:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Commerce or Business with a major in Human Resource Management
  • Postgraduate diploma in Human Resource Management


To apply online click here or send your Cover Letter and detailed CV to [email protected] marking the subject as “3652”, Your Full name & Phone number e.g. 3652 Barack Obama, +2547xxxxxxxx. If you don’t follow these instructions, your application will not go through.

This position will remain open until filled.


* You will receive a confirmation email and an alert to take a basic screening test over SMS or online. The email with the test may not arrive immediately. Please be patient. The email/SMS test will typically be 5-8 questions to help us understand your background. Regular SMS rates apply to the test.

If you apply and don’t meet these minimum qualifications, we will not be able to move forward with you application.

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