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Duma works is recruiting a Learning & Evaluation Coordinator for our client, The Firelight Foundation. We are seeking an individual to lead and carry out the monitoring, evaluation, and learning agendas for our initiatives in eastern and southern Africa.

Focus countries: Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda and Lesotho.


Firelight ( is a unique philanthropic fund set up to support catalytic community-based organizations in Africa that are working to build smart, sustainable and scalable solutions to the challenges faced by children and youth.

We partner with major foundations, family foundations and individual philanthropists to find, fund and strengthen local community organizations that are addressing significant gaps and opportunities for vulnerable children in Africa.

Through a combination of multi-year financial grants, capacity building and mentoring, we help community-based organizations realize their own collective visions of safe, strong and nurturing environments where children and youth thrive and can fulfill their potential.

We work with these organizations as they seek to strengthen their programs, their infrastructure, their ability to effect long-term social change, and their own community’s capacity to address its needs. We work to foster community organizations so that they can take care of children today, strengthen their own capacity for tomorrow and be agents of long-term structural change in the future.


The Learning & Evaluation Team at Firelight leads the organization and supports our grantee-partners in
a) using evidence to inform our design and planning,
b) monitoring our work,
c) evaluating our impact, and
d) intentionally and continuously learning from our experience to improve our approach and work in the short and long term.

As part of this, we establish and strengthen an organizational culture of learning and evidence-informed decision making – for ourselves and for our grantees. We also work with our colleagues to determine and implement a common set of indicators to assess our impact and our grantee-partners’ progress across all of Firelight’s work. In addition, we design and coordinate the implementation of specific monitoring, evaluation, and learning frameworks for each of our strategic initiatives, enabling us to assess effectiveness and progress on initiative-specific outcomes. Moreover, as part of Firelight’s undertaking to build the capacity of grantee organizations, the Learning & Evaluation Team works closely with the Initiatives Team to build grantee-partners’ capacity in monitoring, evaluation, and learning.


The Learning & Evaluation Coordinator, as part of the Learning & Evaluation Team, will work closely with Firelight’s Initiatives Team and our grantee-partners to achieve the objectives outlined above. Specifically, the Learning & Evaluation Officer will be responsible for developing and implementing monitoring, evaluation, and learning frameworks for each of our strategic initiatives, enabling us to assess progress on organization-level, community-level, and child- and family-level outcomes that are of interest to our grantee-partners, our donors, and Firelight.

At this time, Firelight funds and supports early childhood development, education, child rights and child protection, and adolescent girls’ initiatives in Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda, and Lesotho. Firelight is seeking a Learning & Evaluation Officer based in eastern Africa.


Reporting to the Director of Learning & Evaluation, the Learning & Evaluation Coordinator will:

  1. Lead the planning and implementation of monitoring, evaluation, and learning activities for several of Firelight’s strategic initiatives:
    • Design and coordinate the implementation of monitoring, evaluation, and learning frameworks for each of our strategic initiatives, enabling us to assess effectiveness, progress and outcomes that are of interest to our grantee-partners, our donors, and Firelight on an organization-level, community-level, and child- and family-level.
    • Coordinate large and small, quantitative and qualitative, research/evaluation projects in different countries to answer learning questions, test hypotheses, and/or evaluate impact.
    • Lead all aspects of such evaluation/research projects – including to:
    • Design the evaluation/research activity and obtain necessary ethics reviews and approvals,
    • Develop and implement work plans in collaboration with colleagues and consultants,
    • Identify and adapt, or develop data collection tools,
    • Coordinate data collection and entry,
    • Consolidate and clean data,
    • Conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis,
    • Write and share results in different formats and with different audiences – including reports for grantee-partners, donor reports, blog posts, dashboards, conference presentations, etc.
    • Develop and manage budgets related to learning and evaluation processes for each initiative
  2. As part of the Learning & Evaluation Team, collaborate with Firelight’s Initiatives Team to develop and implement plans to build grantee-partners’ capacities in monitoring, evaluation, and learning.
  3. As part of Learning & Evaluation Team, contribute to Firelight’s organization-wide learning and evaluation agenda:
    • Coordinate and engage Firelight staff and grantee partners in a culture and process of learning and adaptation.
    • Identify learning questions and pursue them through guided inquiry to inform organizational learning.
    • Support the determination and implementation of common indicators to be tracked across all of Firelight’s initiatives.
    • Support Firelight efforts to streamline data collection, aggregation, analysis, and dissemination using appropriate technology tools.
    • Conduct background research and maintain up-to-date information and statistics on children and community-based organizations in Africa to inform Firelight’s current and new initiatives.
    • Support the development and implementation of community-driven approaches to monitoring, evaluation, and learning across our initiatives.
    • Engage in analysis, reflection, and sharing to improve Firelight’s strategy and practice, and influence development practice and scholarly discourse.
    • Respond to information needs and requests from Initiatives Team, Executive Director, Managing Director, grantee-partners, and donors.


• Sound understanding of how monitoring, evaluation, and learning can be used to strengthen the effectiveness and impact of programs.
• Intellectual curiosity and attention to detail, completed by sound analysis, critical thinking skills, and understanding of the big picture.
• Master’s degree in related field, preferably with a strong research component demonstrating training and skills in research design, implementation, and analysis.
• Experience and skill using analysis software, including SPSS, NVIVO, and MS Excel (or similar applications).
• Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with colleagues and grantee-partners.
• At least 5-7 years of work mid-to senior-level experience developing and executing thoughtful monitoring, evaluation, and research plans to assess impact and improve programming.
• Experience working with diverse teams implementing and evaluating programs in international settings.
• Ability to work collaboratively and constructively with community organizations that are on the front lines of impact for at-risk children and youth.
• Strong time management skills with the ability to effectively multi-task and prioritize to meet deadlines.
• Ability to maintain timely, meaningful and collaborative communication with a multi-country, bi-continental team and a wide range of grantee-partners and other collaborative partners.
• Excellent written and oral communications skills in English.
• Excellent interpersonal and team skills.
• Ability to travel over 50% of time; ability to maintain a fairly rigorous schedule during travel.
• Comfortable with and can quickly learn new technology for communication, documentation, etc. (e.g., virtual conference call systems, cloud storage, online grant and data management).


• Experience in community development, health, education, or social service programs in low-income countries, preferably African countries.
• Previously working in the international or national development sector, with experience at the community level.
• Experience working with and supporting the work of grassroots organizations.
• Excellent knowledge and skill in data visualization principles and techniques.
• Fluency in one or more local languages spoken in Tanzania, Malawi, or Zambia.
• Program development and management experience.
• Sense of humor.


Send your Cover Letter and detailed CV to [email protected] marking the subject as “2767”, Your Full name & Phone number e.g. 2767 Barack Obama, +2547xxxxxxxx. If you don’t follow these instructions, your application will not go through.

Deadline for receiving applications: Sunday, 30 April 2017


* You will receive a confirmation email and an alert to take a basic screening test over SMS or online. The email with the test may not arrive immediately. Please be patient. The email/SMS test will typically be 5-8 questions to help us understand your background. Regular SMS rates apply to the test.

If you apply and don’t meet these minimum qualifications, we won’t be able to forward your application to the employer.

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