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Duma works is recruiting an Office Manager / General Manager for one of our clients.

Job Description

The Office Manager/General Manager role is one of the toughest in the company because you need to have excellent management, financial and people skills. You need to manage costs, evaluate priorities and constantly maintain a high standard in your work and the team around you.

Reporting to: the Director
Location: Westlands
Working hours: Monday – Friday 9am-5pm

Key Deliverables

1. Ensure admin and operational expenses for the space are kept to budget
2. Make sure that monthly sales targets are met
3. Debtors are kept below 10% each month
4. Customer satisfaction overall should be 75% as a minimum
5. Maintain a retention rate 95% of customers renewing

Focus Areas

Client Management and Customer Service

• Oversee member invoicing, retention and debtors to ensure the accounts department are on top of member’s financial issues
• Ensure membership policies and admin is followed when onboarding and dealing with membership matters
• Take the lead on matters of customer service, improving customer satisfaction and guiding quality communication between the team and our customers


• Close deals on membership – trying to upsell to fixed packages, enclosed spaces and add-ons.
• Assist in the development and execution of our marketing strategy and brand positioning.

Space Management and Service Delivery

• Maintaining high standard of service to ensure customer retention targets are met.
• Oversee the Office Supervisor’s work in managing the cleaning of the space, ensuring standards are met. Keep a check on the arrangement of the space and if it needs updating, arrange for this periodically.
• Repairs/Maintenance – Oversee office repair work to ensure policies are followed, budget is kept to and standards are met.
• Ensure good Internet supply and stability, and other core services.

Team Management

• Oversee the policies within the Employee Handbook are understood, and delivered on by both the team and the management.
• Manage recruiting, onboarding and training of new staff into the team
• Oversee quarterly appraisals and staff development to build a strong and cohesive team
• Take the lead on developing a strong company culture and productive working team environment

Financial Management

• Ensure operational budget for the office is kept (Look at the budget for the quarter and understand what is sensitive).
• Oversee adherence to company’s financial policies within your space and your team
• Manage the monthly office budget by approving and rejecting expenses.

Minimum Requirements 

  1. A degree from a recognized institution.
  2. At least 4 years of experience in a similar role.
  3. Previous experience in the hospitality industry is an added advantage.

Essential Skills

  1. An individual who upholds honesty and integrity.
  2. Excellent communication skills – being polite, clear and direct when communicating Outgoing and self-confident
  3. Leadership skills, comfortable making decisions and taking responsibility
  4. Able to plan and prioritize, and think on your feet when the plan goes out the window
  5. Understanding of business principles for decision-making


Send your Cover Letter and detailed CV to [email protected] marking the subject as “2760”, Your Full name & Phone number e.g. 2760 Barack Obama, +2547xxxxxxxx. If you don’t follow these instructions, your application will not go through.

Deadline for receiving applications: Friday, 14 April 2017


* You will receive a confirmation email and an alert to take a basic screening test over SMS or online. The email with the test may not arrive immediately. Please be patient. The email/SMS test will typically be 5-8 questions to help us understand your background. Regular SMS rates apply to the test.

If you apply and don’t meet these minimum qualifications, we won’t be able to forward your application to the employer.

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