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Duma Works is recruiting a Salon Manager. The hiring Executive Salon  offers executive coiffure to its clients in Nairobi.

Job Purpose

The Salon manager is responsible for delivering exceptional team performance, which will result in a superior level of customer service. The salon manager will achieve this through provision of efficient business management, inspirational leadership, permanent team development and operational rigor excellence.
The Salon Manager is responsible for running the allocated salon(s). This means that the Salon Manager not only directly oversees the daily operations at the salon but that he/she also needs to ensure that the service level always meets if not exceeds customer expectations as well as ourstandards. The high quality will be reflected in the achievement of annual sales targets of all assigned services and products. In this position as head of team he/she is accountable for the training and development of his/her team, provides leadership and offers mentoring where necessary. Eventually the Salon Manager is always a role model for the image of the company

Necessary Qualifications and Personal Requirements

Hard qualifications and skills

  • 2 years + management experience in a customer service oriented environment with a large team
  • Knowledge of technical skills, products and materials
  • Commercial insights (i.e. sales, retail, benchmarking, etc.)

Soft skills

  • Leadership and people management skills to manage a cross functional team
  • Motivational competences to motivate others and dare to confront them when things are not well
  • Problem solver mentality

Main Responsibilities

Management and oversight of treatment and styling area (70%)

On a short term basis:

  • Provision of clear direction to the team on our overall business objectives, translating & prioritizing business performance measures at individual team member level
  • Effective tracking of performance against targets by week, month, quarter etc.
  • Ensuring that technical and support teams in the salon achieve sales and cost targets.

On a long term basis:

  • Building and development of a high performing team through training, coaching and controlling
  • Effective resource management/planning that reflects current and future business requirements ensuring that the correct balance of numbers, skills &experience by playing active role in recruitment &exits

Management and oversight of retail and sales area (30%)

  • Provide key point of contact with colleagues in retail to ensure creation of effective communication/feedback loop to executive management
  • Ensuring adequate in-branch visibility by provision of available marketing material/merchandise
  • Manage product-training needs for retail products
  • Active attendance and participation in personal development education programs and/or events
  • Represent our brand in  Industry meetings/forums.

Daily Tasks

Guarantee High Level Customer Service

  • Take care of all the things that are necessary to exploit the salon on a daily basi
  • Opening and closing of the salon
  • Ensuring a high level of hygiene at all times
  • Overseeing the bookings, to ensure optimal capacity utilization with adequate waiting times
  • Organized procurement in order to ensure sufficient inventory levels at all times for the desired services
  • Monitoring the financial processes
  • Ensuring that our brand’s characteristic service level “The client comes first, always.” is present in every team members mind and work.

Monitor and ensure achievement of commercial goal

Implement and maintain necessary working conditions

  • Displays
  • Retail
  • Stock (purchase)
  • Effective work schedule

Encourage realization of extra profit

  • Sale of complimentary products
  • Sale of extra treatments

Prepare team with necessary skills and knowledge

  • Clear communication of targets on team as well as on individual level
  • Ensure necessary skill level (i.e. sales, consultation, etc.) and product knowledge

Effective Human Resource Management

Take care of your team

  • Recruitment
  1. Control and manage an adequate staff size for your number of customers
  2. Ensure a good balance within the team
  3. Keep your executive informed about all changes
  • Motivate and control your team (give necessary attention)
  • Train your team on regular basis (educational plan)
  • Empower them: make them responsible (i.e. assign specific jobs, set targets)

Take care of the individual

  • Evaluation
  • Tracking performance (i.e. product sales, treatments, etc.)
  • Coaching
  • Reports

General Management Responsibilities

Be a role model

  • Know you have to accurate
  • Work according to our standards and procedures
  • Be a visible and controlling manager
  • Be the host you expect your employees to be and better

Take care of your tasks

  • Be on the floor most of the time (walking around manager)
  • Perform your administrative tasks in time blocks
  • Keep up your facts & figures
  • Daily administrative tasks
  • Check your financial facts
  • Keep a diary
  • Management meeting

 Standards & Procedures

  • Stimulate your employees to keep up the quality
  • Tell your executive when things are not working
  • Know all the products
  • Take control of quality


To apply online click here or send your Cover Letter and detailed CV to [email protected] marking the subject as “3349”, Your Full name & Phone number e.g. 3349 Barack Obama, +2547xxxxxxxx. If you don’t follow these instructions, your application will not go through.

Deadline for receiving applications: Thursday,28th June 2018


* You will receive a confirmation email and an alert to take a basic screening test over SMS or online. The email with the test may not arrive immediately. Please be patient. The email/SMS test will typically be 5-8 questions to help us understand your background. Regular SMS rates apply to the test.

If you apply and don’t meet these minimum qualifications, we will not be able to move forward with you application.

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