Job Vacancy – Sourcing and Supplier Engagement Field Officer

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Duma Works is recruiting a Sourcing and Supplier Engagement Field Officer for our client; a leading social enterprise that trades recycled materials with a tangible social and environmental impact.


The Sourcing and Supplier Engagement Field Officer is responsible for the management of total Supplier Experience & Engagement within all Channels of Sourcing for Recyclable Plastic. The Sourcing and Supplier Engagement Field Officer will work closely with the Head of Strategic Sourcing to build Supplier Experience and Engagement Strategies, implementation of the same and tracking of supplier satisfaction levels which will, in turn, drive supplier productivity and loyalty to the company as a business partner. The Sourcing and Supplier Engagement Field Officer will manage and work directly with the Supplier Engagement Field Officers on all Supplier Experience and Engagement deliverables and action plans.  He/She will be involved in strategic planning and implementation of supplier response activities for the company acting as owner, implementer and project liaison with internal and external stakeholders in accordance with agreed standards and guidelines.  The overall responsibility for this role is to grow the Supplier Engagement & Experience Section enhancing supplier performance, tracking supplier acquisition and retention ensuring positive supplier business health, whilst ensuring high supplier engagement status is maintained across the organization.  This role falls within the Sourcing Department and reports directly to the Head of Strategic Sourcing.

Job Responsibilities:

Sourcing Plastics:

  • Work closely the Head of Strategic Sourcing and Sourcing Manager to ensure any challenges that are experienced by the company’s suppliers are mitigated on time  whilst building lasting solutions to enable the sourcing team meet its targets
  • Monitor all company’s Supplier experience on a day to day basis through the Supplier Engagement Team  – reporting on the same on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Communicate and engage with the COSOs, Sourcing and Supplier Engagement Field Officers and Suppliers on experience to drive positive results to sourcing targets.
  • Oversee training of all new Channel suppliers on the company’s Recyclable Plastics, track performance against targets and growth as well as quality control to a satisfactory level of full onboarding.

Supplier Engagement

  • Ensure all  Suppliers in all channels are registered with the company and are allocated with the company’s ID Numbers.
  • Build a robust engagement system and team that ensures all suppliers understand the company’s Product Line, Pricing, and Loyalty Program at all times.
  • Maintain and track supplier behavior and trends through data analytics by working closely with the Data Analytics Manager.
  • Analyze the company’s supplier data, prepare and share reports with Head of Strategic Sourcing on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis as follows:
    • New Suppliers and Kgs. delivered (new suppliers will be tracked for 3 months to ensure they remain stable and productive before being transitioned into the main database)
    • Total Kgs. delivered by both new and old suppliers
    • Attrition – Track suppliers who fall off the productivity database, identify and share reasons for attrition and work on a re-onboarding process. – report on successful re-engagement and further follow up for unsuccessful re-engagement.
    • Track supplier growth month on month and identify possible transition from Small – Medium – Big suppliers.

Loyalty Program Implementation & Management

  • Oversee the company’s Loyalty Program managing loyalty program activities on a day to day basis.
  • Strategically grow the company’s Loyalty Program as per set out targets for all suppliers and stakeholders.
  • Own and have oversight on supplier  enrollment on the loyalty program ensuring targets are met and the program success rate is above 90% at all times.
  • Oversee reporting, engagement & communication function of the Loyalty Program
  • Prepare supplier performance reports and success indicators.
  • Prepare supplier Loyalty Program Performance Tracker.
  • Ensure all redemption items for eligible suppliers are procured on time and delivered and successfully received with full reconciliation at the end of the redemption period.
  • Prepare a Weekly & Monthly Loyalty program update for Management with all Critical Success Indicators highlighted as well as challenges on ground and proposed solutions.
  • Project Loyalty Program Growth for the cluster and maturity dates for the Points

Supplier Engagement & Experience

  • Work closely with the SEFO & COSO Agents to ensure that supplier challenges are documented, managed with urgency and resolved as soon as possible;
  • Oversee weekly field audits and market visits to measure supplier satisfaction and engagement on ground;
  • Oversee digital and face to face customer experience surveys where applicable, analyze data and feedback to management with action points;
  • Develop, implement and oversee cluster supplier engagement experiential programs, including:
    • Effective Supplier Training
    • Community Engagement Activities
    • Identify and Propose a list of suppliers to participate in the annual  “Supplier Appreciation Month” reward program.
  • Act as the strategic point person for Supplier Engagement using the Supplier Hotline

Qualifications, Experience & Skills required:

  • Community Development / Environmental Studies / Business Management  Degree
  • 2 – 5 years’ experience in Field Sales & marketing required
  • Customer Experience role at Manager or Supervisory
  • Working experience with a CRM system and Microsoft Office tools
  • Ability to collate,  analyze  and report on large amounts of data
  • Strong customer service, relationship management & negotiation skills
  • Excellent communication skills;  written and verbal (Fluent in Swahili and English)
  • Attentive to detail and sensitive to customer feedback
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to work with teams in a diverse multicultural environment


To apply online click here

Deadline for receiving applications: Friday, 22 January 2021


* You will receive a confirmation email and an alert to take a basic screening test over SMS or online. The email with the test may not arrive immediately. Please be patient. The email/SMS test will typically be 5-8 questions to help us understand your background. Regular SMS rates apply to the test.

If you apply and don’t meet these minimum qualifications, we will not be able to move forward with your application.

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