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Duma works is recruiting a VP of Venture Support  in Kampala,Uganda. The hiring company is a reputable organization in East Africa that trains, support and invest in startups and entrepreneurs.

Core Job to Be Done

Our work is to support the growth of entrepreneurs and their businesses in East Africa. We identify high potential entrepreneurs building high potential companies from across East Africa, to attend programs that we design to grow them.

We are looking for someone that will:

  • Identify and select the right high potential businesses
  • Design and execute on tailored programs that support these entrepreneurs to grow their businesses

Our VP of Venture Support will manage a growing team to achieve the goals of this role.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Identify and select the right entrepreneurs building high potential businesses, that meet our selection criteria, into our programs. Working closely with our Selection Associate, you will be charged with ensuring we attract and select the right number of businesses to fill our programs
  2. Design and conduct a needs assessment with selected businesses. This is to help our team understand clearly how the company expects to grow and the gaps that stand in its way
  3. Deploy custom-tailored programing to grow selected businesses. You will be in charge of designing, leading and managing programs aimed at growing these businesses
  4. Coach and guide entrepreneurs through our programs. The goal of this is for our entrepreneurs to fully maximise the value of these programs to grow their businesses
  5. Manage relationships with potential candidates and selected companies in our programs. You will be expected to ensure we continue to maintain a great relationship with potential candidates into our programs and selected entrepreneurs throughout the duration of our programs and afterward
  6. Manage a growing team. At the beginning, you will directly manage two people. We expect this number to grow as our work and programs grow over time
  7. Strategic projects management. Working closely with our management team, directly lead some strategic initiatives, particularly cross-functional efforts as needed
  8. Doing whatever it takes to give an UNREASONABLE advantage to companies. We are a small entrepreneurial team that steps up when there is work to be done. At times, you’ll be expected to work outside of just your role to contribute to our team’s overall efforts.

We Want Someone Who (Qualifications)

Education/Work Experience

  • We understand that you may have demonstrated these capabilities in a broad variety of sectors including business start up, education, program management or something else. We are more interested in your abilities to demonstrate to us how you have demonstrated these abilities in the multiple contexts in which you have and are not limiting the ways you have demonstrated them.


  • You have at least 5+ years of relevant experience. You have done a similar role or done similar tasks in multiple past roles
  • You have strong diagnostic, analytical and pattern-recognition skills
  • You are able to sit down with an entrepreneur and quickly diagnose and understand the key drivers in their business and the key challenges they are facing
  • You are able to recognize “symptom patterns” that entrepreneurs report in a diagnostic interview and identify the underlying root causes of those symptoms
  • You are able to match an entrepreneur’s need to our resources
  • You have played a key role in creating and structuring programming designed for optimum learning experience. It doesn’t matter which kind of environment you have done this, but the workshop/training sessions should have been highly rated
  • You have been the lead facilitator for a project / program. This could have been facilitating across multiple departments or facilitating multiple organisations
  • You have thrived in fast paced uncertain and unstructured backgrounds. You are used to and have succeeded in fast paced and fast changing environments.


  • You have designed a program/project from scratch that you have successfully implemented. You took the program or project from a concept/idea, built an implementation plan and successfully rolled it out
  • You have thrived in or have led a team that is culturally diverse. Our team and the entrepreneurs we work with are from culturally diverse backgrounds. We are also open to candidates that have not necessarily worked in such environments but have probably and successfully worked with clients from culturally diverse backgrounds
  • You have experience in coaching, mentoring or supporting an individual or group of individuals through a growing / developing / learning experience
  • You are constantly thinking of new programs, new ways of doing things, and are open to change and continuous improvement. We are even more excited about you having initiated the new program, change or improvement
  • You are willing to tackle projects without much guidance/structure. We are still young, so while we have some structure, you will also be called upon to build structure. You can show us how you have stepped into ambiguous and disorganized situations and brought structure

Skills + Capabilities

  • You have high levels of Emotional Intelligence. You are able to recognise and clearly separate between your own and other people’s emotion, distinguish between different feelings and emotions, label them, and use them to guide thinking and behaviour. You are able to manage and adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one’s goals
  • You are a great listener. To be successful in this role, you will need to listen carefully to teammates and our entrepreneurs to understand what is needed and design a path to get there
  • You are organized. You have keen attention to detail, and an ability to keep things in order. You are able to create systems to keep things organized
  • You believe that we > I (a hat tip to Skillshare for sharing this great value with us). We believe in finding ways to expand the pie so that everyone can get a larger slice rather than trying to claim as much value as possible from a fixed pie. Thus, we believe in pathological collaboration and that this journey is about all of us
  • You know that the “magic is in the details”. You pay attention to the small things that make a difference. You believe that no task is too small
  • Most importantly, you believe in the power of entrepreneurship to solving some of the greatest challenges that we face and will jump for an opportunity to play a small part in a grand journey as we seek to make our world a much better place


Our Core Values

We are a values-driven organization, and we love to work with people that share these values:

  • Treat everyone like the Messiah – Humility
  • Be militantly transparent – Truthfulness
  • Lean into fear – Courage
  • Experiment boldly – Experiment
  • Do what works – Impact
  • Get shit done – Execution
  • Remember to dance – Celebrate


Send your Cover Letter and detailed CV to [email protected] marking the subject as “2953”, Your Full name & Phone number e.g. 2953 Barack Obama, +2547xxxxxxxx. If you don’t follow these instructions, your application will not go through.

Deadline for receiving applications: Friday, 11 August 2017


* You will receive a confirmation email and an alert to take a basic screening test over SMS or online. The email with the test may not arrive immediately. Please be patient. The email/SMS test will typically be 5-8 questions to help us understand your background. Regular SMS rates apply to the test.

If you apply and don’t meet these minimum qualifications, we won’t be able to forward your application to the employer.

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