Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What It Takes: Talent in the Energy Sector

What It Takes Talent in the Energy Sector with Duma Works. Join our event to discover new ways of talent acquisition, staff development, and staff retention in one of the fastest growing sectors in East Africa.

First of all, a big thank you to all of our panelists and guests who so graciously attended our #WhatItTakes Talent in the Energy Sector event last Thursday! It was a huge success and I think we all learned a lot.
Thank you Elizabeth from M-KOPA Solar, Tim from Sanergy, Patrick from Skynotch Energy Africa, and James from Brands & Beyond.

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  Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bicycles and Roads to Opportunity

Duma Works expands to Dar es Salaam to connect companies in Tanzania to the best talent for their job openings.

Imagine. A simple question:

Can You Draw a Bicycle?

…Led to an incredible, epic conversation about how people can approach life in order to open their hands to more opportunity.

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  Friday, July 1, 2016

How We Test for Company Culture Fit at Duma Works Interviews

Company culture is just as important to screen candidates for as technical abilities. Find out how we do it at Duma Works

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What is Company Culture

We’ve been really fortunate at Duma Works from the start to have built an incredible company culture centered around taking time to help each other grow, pushing ourselves to test something new everyday, and upholding a collaborative workspace so no one department is ever working on a challenge by themselves.

When we began doubling our team every year, we took the time to officially codify these standards into our Company Culture Playbook. Essentially, our Bible.

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  Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Interview from Art to Science: A Recruiter’s Guide

Duma Works can help you identify top talent in Africa and Kenya through these helpful interview tips

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What we can learn from Google’s approach to the job interview

Laszlo Bock, the Head of People Operations at Google, writes in his book Work Rules! Insights From Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead that people often approach the job interview and hiring in the same way that Garrison Keillor describes the fictional town of Lake Wobegon, a place where “all the children are above average.”

Laszlo comments that hiring is something we all think we are great at, but “we never go back to check if we are, and so we never get better.”

We always think we are all above average at interviewing…but when do we really check that assumption?

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  Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How to Find Top Talent in Kenya: A Recruiter’s Guide

How Duma Works can help you recruit top talent in East Africa and Kenya through a kick ass evaluation process

What tools are you using to quickly find top talent in the first stages of recruiting?

Hiring Managers and Recruiters have the interesting challenge to find top talent before ever meeting the candidates.

In the past, the CV or Resume has been used as a quick way to determine the candidates’ employability for the job advertised.

When we were still using the post office and communicating via snail mail, this made sense. But in today’s digital age, we have so many more data points about candidates to explore to determine their fit and ultimately find that top talent we are looking for.

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  Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Duma Works Fights for Transparent Recruiting in Africa

Duma Works helps you get connected to jobs without a godfather, or any insider politics. Sign up for Duma Works to renew your hope in a fair job matching process


Godfathers, insiders, and chai are ruining the Kenyan economy, one incompetent person at a time

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  Saturday, April 9, 2016

Why Completing Your Profile on Duma Works Matters

Sign up for Duma Works to get access to job vacancies you can apply for to get your dream job.If we could have it our way, no one would submit a CV to a job opening ever again, and instead only use professional profiles.

But this is going to take time…


Here are all the reasons why it is important to complete your Duma Works Professional Profile.

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  Friday, April 8, 2016

How to Fail at Writing a Personal Statement

When giving advice about how to write an awesome Personal Statement on your CV, it is actually better to begin with what NOT to do.

How to write a winning personal statement from Duma Works, leading digital recruiting platform in East Africa

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Here are some ways you can absolutely ruin your personal statement without even trying.

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  Friday, April 8, 2016

Sign Up for Duma Works: What to Expect

Sign up for Duma Works to get access to job vacancies you can apply for to get your dream job.

At Duma Works, we try to make applying to jobs as easy and fair as possible. Here are the steps you should expect when you sign up and apply for jobs with us.

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  Thursday, April 7, 2016

Why is Duma Works SMS – Based?

Duma Works is an SMS and online job matching platform to help growing companies find better candidates, faster while helping job seekers connect to the best opportunities

A lot of people have come to us in the last few months asking us why we have an SMS-based system as well as a website, so we thought we would share!

SMS beginnings for a specific target user base

Duma Works launched on the principle that no job opportunity should get lost – Especially in a place where unemployment levels are so high.

When we launched Duma Works in Nakuru in 2012, our initial target group was painters, plumbers, outreach officers, and electricians. We decided that in an effort to be super accessible, we would communicate with job applicants over SMS. SMS is the quickest, and most effective way to get a job alert.

We built a system where job seekers could sign up, create a professional profile, and apply for jobs over SMS.

And, we have worked with amazing institutions like Google, the Rockefeller Foundation, Connected Kenya, and more to build this incredible technology.

We are excited by what we have achieved in the past. You can also read more about our history here.

Adapting to shifting demand in our amazing community

Looking forward, Duma Works has evolved and has become a platform serving a wide swath of job applicants – From painters and plumbers, to Operations Managers, Waitresses, Marketing Executives, Sales Representatives, Country Directors, and more…all over East Africa.

To keep up with our changing user base, we built a website portal to accompany our SMS log-in. We aim to delight and surprise people with the ease of our online platform, where you can create a profile and apply for jobs. Create a free profile on Duma Works today.

Our product team is hard at work making things better for our amazing users (you guys!) at all times.

Right now, we are cooking up some big things that will make applying to a job even simpler. If you want to get involved in our beta testing of new platform updates, let us know by filling out this form:

We are so excited to keep evolving with you all, and continuing to help you advance in your career. As always, if you have feedback on our platform, tweet us @DumaWorks, chat us up on Intercom (the bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of, or call 0702093793.

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