Optimize Recruiting with Basic Screening Tests on Duma Caliber

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What is a Basic Test in my recruiting process?

A Basic Test is in essence a qualification test to screen out candidates who do not qualify for your open job on Duma Caliber.

The reason we use Basic Tests at Duma Works and also why we advised clients who are recruiting in East Africa to use them is to prevent HR Managers from going through hundreds of irrelevant CVs.

In your Basic Test, you want to ask questions that will be able to determine whether you even want to issue an Advanced Skills Test to or look at the CV for that candidate or not.

What should I use for Multi-choice questions when I recruit?

The way we use Basic Tests at Duma Works is to check whether or not candidates meet our minimum qualifications for the job. The HR Manager or Recruiter will typically indicate in the Job Description a specific set of minimum qualifications.

Most typical Multi-Choice Basic Test questions are things like:

What is your expected base monthly gross salary range?
A. KES 50K-100K
B. KES 100K-200K
C. KES 200K-300K
D. KES 300K+

How many years working experience do you have in Retail Sales?
A. 0-1 yrs
B. 1-3 yrs
C. 3-5 yrs
D. 5+ yrs

What type of company would you prefer working at?
B. Governmental
C. Multinational
E. Startup

Are you comfortable making an intern stipend of KES 10,000 a month?
A. Yes
B. No

What is your level of comfort with Salesforce software?
A. Expert
B. Advanced
C. Good
D. Needs supervision
E. Not familiar

Do you have a Masters in Business from a reputable institution?
A. Yes
B. No

Are you willing to commute to Limuru everyday?
A. Yes
B. No

Do you have a BCE Driver’s License and own your own car?
A. Yes
B. No

Do you have/are you willing to get a Certificate of Good Conduct?
A. Yes
B. No

You can change the answers based on the requirements you have, these are just some examples we use frequently with our clients who are recruiting for job openings they have.

If there are other qualifications that you need to see, just go through the Job Description and understand what other minimum qualifications need to be met.

What should I use for Open Ended questions when I’m recruiting?

Once you’ve set your disqualifier questions with the multi-choice questions, you have the option of including Open Ended questions.

Because these tests are issued over SMS and email, we would recommend that you keep these Open Ended questions rather simple. You can save your practical skills test questions for the Advanced Test. The Advanced Test is always issued over email.

For Open Ended questions, we would advise including questions like:

What value of annual sales have you generated for companies you’ve worked at in the past?

What makes you interested in working at a startup?

What do you know about Company Y?

If given the opportunity, what would be a new hobby that you would pursue and why?

If you could have a super power, what would it be and why?

How does the Basic Test get issued via Duma Caliber?

Candidates who apply from the Duma Database will receive the Basic Test over SMS or email based on their personal preference indication when they completed their profile.

Candidates who apply from seeing the Job Opportunity on external job boards or social media will be contacted with the basic test over email automatically.

How many questions should I include on the Basic Test?

We advise to keep this basic test at 5-8 questions to ensure the greatest number of candidates all complete the test.

What does it mean to “automatically issue” a Basic Test?

There is a box you can check off if you want the Basic Test to be automatically issued when a candidate applies for the Job Opening the company is recruiting for.

If you choose not to issue Basic Tests automatically, this means that you will need to visit the Job Candidates tab on the Caliber dashboard, manually select which job applicants you would like to issue the Basic Test to, and then send the bulk message to issue them the test.

We always recommend that recruiters or HR Managers tick this box off to save time. What this means is that when you decide to post your Job Opportunity on Duma Caliber, you need to first create the Basic Test that goes with the job opening.

What does the system mean by “Correct” and “Disqualifier” on the Multi-choice screening test creation?

Correct – This is to indicate which of the multiple choice answers is the correct answer. There can be multiple correct answers.

Disqualifier – This is to indicate which answers is an immediate disqualifier – If the candidate selects this answer, they will automatically become disqualified from the job application. That status will reflect next to their name on the Job Candidates tab.

What happens when I select “Must be correct” next to the question?

This means that if the candidate selects any multiple choice besides from the option you’ve marked as “correct,” they will become disqualified from the job application and this status will reflect next to their name on the Job Candidates tab.

Once a candidate becomes disqualified, can I change their status?

Yes, you can. Go to “Update candidate state,” tick off the box with “force status change,” select the status from the list that you would like to change them from, and select the status at the bottom that you would like to change their status to.

Happy Hiring!

We hope this was a helpful overview. If you are an HR Manager, Manager, or Recruiter looking to speed up your internal shortlisting timeframe by 5x, please reach out at [email protected]


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