Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bicycles and Roads to Opportunity

Duma Works expands to Dar es Salaam to connect companies in Tanzania to the best talent for their job openings.

Imagine. A simple question:

Can You Draw a Bicycle?

…Led to an incredible, epic conversation about how people can approach life in order to open their hands to more opportunity.

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  Monday, February 15, 2016

First job? How much should you be paid in terms of salary?

“Is a salary of 30,000 Kenya shillings good enough for a fresh graduate?”

How much should a new graduate earn

This is a question I encountered while going through posts from the Institute of human Resource Management Kenya LinkedIn Posts – a fresh graduate asking about the salary his peers should expect

This question was asked by one person, but I’m sure this is something on the mind of the hundreds of thousands of graduates when they enter the job market every year after graduating from higher education in Kenya.

We wrote a post recently on how to answer the salary question during an interview last week. But I thought this question could use an article on its own. What determines how much a person should be paid?

To understand how to even start thinking about this, let’s first look at some of the variables that most employers use while coming up with a salary offer.

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  Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What it takes: How to get a job in UX Design

Mark tells Duma Works about how to get a job as a UX Designer in Kenya


This week for Duma Works’ What It Takes series, we interviewed Mark Kamau, the Design Lead at the UX Lab (UX = User Experience). The UX Lab is the first agency dedicated to user experience design in Kenya, and Mark is the cofounder, so he had a lot of great stories about his journey and tips about how to break into the field. This interview is a bit longer than usual but definitely worth a read. For those who are reading on the fly, here is the TL;DR (“too long, didn’t read), but I would highly encourage coming back and having a look at the whole interview. *Especially* guys looking to score UX Design jobs and startup founders (not even just tech startups!). 

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