Friday, October 4, 2013

Job Boards Are Dinosaurs (The Employer Edition)


The subject line says it all.  Job boards are dinosaurs. They eat everything – time, money, nerves…and they deserve to be extinct.

Why would posting up an opening to the general public of everyone everywhere be the default successful, easy search option? It’s like searching for anything on Google without search engine optimization. You type in “baby panda” and your first hit is an article from a fantasy children’s book from the 1700s about “baby” Jesus that also happens to mention a “panda.”

Why do employers think it’s a good idea?

1-    It appears to be cheap

2-    It appears to be easy

3-    It appears to be effective – you get so many CVs, you must be able to find someone amidst the rabble!

Why we think it’s a bad idea?

1-    It’s not actually cheap – the time you spend sifting through the CVs is a waste of time.

Time = money. Waste of time = Waste of money

2-    It’s not actually easy – once you’ve successfully posted your job there is this endless void you sit in while waiting for that miracle job seeker to appear. I don’t know about you but I hate waiting.

Waiting = Stressful. Stressful = Not Easy.

3-    It’s not actually effective –

(Scenario 1) Once you think you have the best job seeker, you finally ask to meet them in person and because the job board is delayed, the candidate doesn’t show for the interview because they have already gotten a position somewhere else.

(Scenario 2) You get so many CVs, you don’t want to deal with looking through them at all, ask your sister for a recommendation of a friend/colleague of hers, and then hire them. Then you find out this person isn’t actually the best, then you have to fire and rehire all over again.

We have a lot of new tech running around in this small world these days. Tech is fixing so many things that usually happen slowly – you can send money via M-PESA instead of going upcountry to deliver the money in person. You can use Uber to find a trustworthy cab in your area. You can advertise your business to a targeted audience through Facebook. You get news and crime alerts via Twitter. These technologies are simple platforms to help you do things better. People start using them once they realize everyone else is doing it already.

So get ahead of your competition. Be a leader. Try out our method to make job boards a thing of the past. It’s free to sign up here and we promise we won’t try to eat you.

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