Friday, September 18, 2015

How to Win Big from Startup Acceleration Programs

Article written by Arielle Sandor


Launchpad with Unreasonable East Africa begins as the 2015 startup fellows prepare to tell their stories.


After the article about incubators I wrote the other week, I wanted to follow-up on the last leg (so far) of our formal coaching programs at DUMA.

In July of this year, we participated in the Unreasonable East Africa fellowship program. This means I took 5 weeks off from the company (based in Nairobi) to go to Kampala, Uganda, to get “accelerated.”

At the time, I was pretty nervous, because I wasn’t quite sure what the purpose of being “accelerated” would be.

With DUMA, we are so blessed to have such a wide range of mentors that we can call or email whenever we need to. We met a lot of people at the very early onset of DUMA and didn’t even realize half of the amazing things they brought to the table at the time.

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