Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Job Vacancy- People Operations Manager

People Ops Manager1

Duma Works is recruiting a People Operations Manager for one of our clients. The company connects talented people to online work.

Location: Nairobi

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  Friday, August 26, 2016

Job Vacancy – Director of Finance in Rwanda


Duma Works is recruiting a Director of Finance for our client in Rwanda. The company is a leading provider of innovative, high-tech products at affordable prices.

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  Friday, July 1, 2016

How We Test for Company Culture Fit at Duma Works Interviews

Company culture is just as important to screen candidates for as technical abilities. Find out how we do it at Duma Works

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What is Company Culture

We’ve been really fortunate at Duma Works from the start to have built an incredible company culture centered around taking time to help each other grow, pushing ourselves to test something new everyday, and upholding a collaborative workspace so no one department is ever working on a challenge by themselves.

When we began doubling our team every year, we took the time to officially codify these standards into our Company Culture Playbook. Essentially, our Bible.

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  Thursday, March 24, 2016

Job Vacancy: Job Matching Delivery Process Manager at Duma Works!

Job vacancy for a motivated, entrepreneurial person.

Do you get excited about the latest trends in global recruiting? Is process and collaborating with people to solve puzzles your thing?

Join the Duma Works team to land in your dream job, with the best employer in Kenya, to get a job you are passionate about, and to work with one of the best startups in the recruitment sector in Kenya

If this describes you, then this job vacancy at Duma Works might be the perfect opportunity for you as we expand our team in Nairobi.

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  Monday, June 22, 2015

Vacancy – Director Of Recruitment In Nairobi – CLOSED

Duma Works is hiring a Director of Recruitment for one of our clients, a leading developer of high-quality technology talent across the African continent that will drive the current and future phases of tech-enabled growth around the world.

About the Director of Recruitment:

The Director of Recruitment – Kenya leads the recruitment team responsible for finding, selecting, and enrolling brilliant young people across Kenya in the bootcamp program.

Your job is to ensure the company is regarded as the number one career path of choice for brilliant young people in Kenya interested in becoming world-class developers. Success in doing this will mean that the company is able to recruit and train the highest performing fellows at a lower cost than the competition every time.

Location: Nairobi
Job Type: Full time


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  Thursday, February 20, 2014

Looking for the Best Quality Candidates? Look at your Networks!

Studies have shown that the best candidates for that new job opening come through your referral network (by 64%!). Why is this true and does this signify nepotism?

These are three main reasons why professional recommendations lead to the best candidates:

1-    Trust

If a colleague is recommended through the trusted people in your network, chances are that you can trust someone they recommend. After all, honesty, integrity, and moral character are some of the key determinants of a good worker.

2-    Culture

Your working style is often directly connected to your personality. The lasting connections you make in your professional life speak to who you are and how you run your company. Someone recommended to you by your network of colleagues will be more likely to fit into your unique company culture.

3-    Qualifications

Your colleagues know that when they refer a friend or another colleague through Duma Works, or any other social job networks, they are responsible for the actions of their recommendations. Therefore, you can trust that your colleagues will have your best interest at heart (and their own!) and only recommend people they know are qualified.

Nepotism is a problem in society but has no connection to a professional recommendation. Nepotism is solely a personal connection – not professions. In nepotism, a person is recommended because of their family or need for a source of income, not their abilities, experience, or skills.

Visit, and visit the Social Network page to leverage your professional network to connect with better jobseekers, or work opportunities.

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