Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Job Vacancy – Business/Operations Manager

Duma Works is recruiting a Business/Operations Manager for our client, Kidogo in Nairobi. 

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  Monday, January 9, 2017

Job Vacancy – Senior Operations Officer – Finance

Job vacancy - head of operations - finance for a fast growing social enterprise in the energy sector. Apply today to land your dream job

Our client, Africa Digital Media Institute, is hiring for a Senior Operations Officer – Finance.

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  Thursday, March 24, 2016

Job Vacancy: Job Matching Delivery Process Manager at Duma Works!

Job vacancy for a motivated, entrepreneurial person.

Do you get excited about the latest trends in global recruiting? Is process and collaborating with people to solve puzzles your thing?

Join the Duma Works team to land in your dream job, with the best employer in Kenya, to get a job you are passionate about, and to work with one of the best startups in the recruitment sector in Kenya

If this describes you, then this job vacancy at Duma Works might be the perfect opportunity for you as we expand our team in Nairobi.

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  Friday, August 14, 2015
  Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Vacancy – Product Development Associate In Awendo – CLOSED

Duma Works is recruiting a Product Development Associate for one of our clients, a for-profit social enterprise that produces and manufactures charcoal briquettes made from agricultural waste.

Job description

The purpose of the Product Development Associate job is to optimize the performance of manufacturing systems. S/he is responsible for the optimization of the performance of manufacturing systems, identifying and developing new processes for product manufacture as well as putting in place process controls to make sure the products are of a high quality and are manufactured in a reproducible manner as well as developing new product lines.

Job title: Product Development Associate
Reports to: Production Manager
Location: Awendo Town and partially in the Nairobi Headquarters
Salary: Full time employment with a competitive salary

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  Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Job Networking Evolution

Society evolves with technology over time.

In the early stages of a society, every business is a family business. Society is so unstable and chaotic that the only way to ensure your assets is to trust the people who are closest to you…and who you know where to find if anything goes wrong.

As cities become more gentrified and the family unit breaks down, companies grow outside of families and immediate social connections. People now no longer have that close knit family to rely on and being adopting those who used to be strangers into their “family” business. Governments and society even begin targeting companies that only hire within their family as discriminatory.

The reason for this being that as hiring became more complex with the rise of more complex markets, family members often lacked the skills necessary for the job. Family members then became illogical hires, while candidates more qualified existed outside the familial unit.

Tech comes in here at a very interesting place. 

Companies like DUMA, LinkedIn, and Branchout are jumping upon this opportunity to use social networks for the good. New technology and sophisticated databases are able to provide job linkages through social/professional/referral networks, while also ensuring that the person is a good match. These technologies are making it easier and faster for HR staff to find appropriate job matches. 

This ability to leverage social network and skills profile is going to become a key value in emerging markets, as trust is a huge component in hiring. These new technologies even turn reliance upon social connections into a social good. They do this by giving people an opportunity to expand beyond their immediate social connections and grow their professional network to connect with more work.

Test out the new age of hiring – visit us at www.dumaworks.com or reach out to us at +254 701 060 302.

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