How does DUMA's job matching software work?

DUMA’s matching algorithm is based on 4 criteria: (1) skills matching, (2) location, (3) job score, and (4) social connectivity. When an employer posts a job, these 4 components of all the job seekers in our database are measured, and the top 10 best matches are then referred to an employer.

The software is also “smart,” meaning, it learns over time. This means, our matching algorithm learns what employers prefer in their job candidates for certain positions. For example, if an employer has consistently hired plumber through DUMA who are socially connected to him/her, DUMA will begin only recommending plumbers to this employer who have social connectivity.

And this learning is based not just on specific employer, but specific job opening. For example, the system can learn that this employer values social connectivity in plumbers, but values skills matching much more highly in brand ambassadors.

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