Here's what some happy clients and users have say.

We know finding that perfect hire through Duma Works is an amazing experience. But don't take our word for it - here's what some of our clients have to say.


Having reviewed, interviewed and rejected 400 candidates for a very specific entry-level technical position we were very pleasantly surprised that DUMA was able to provide us with 5 suitable candidates (from which we made an immediate hire) within a fortnight. DUMA not only reduces the time and effort needed to make a hire but, in our experience, provides a much better quality of candidate. Angani

Mobile Medic

"The SMS Interview process was particularly liked by the candidates as they could take them from any place, ....I think the m-Interview is quite innovative" Regina Medic Mobile

Brenda Mideva

"We have enjoyed timely ,efficient and reliable service delivery on recruitment of employees through Duma works.Their innovative mobile technology mode of recruitment is transparent and resourceful taking applicants through a sequence of tests until they find the right candidates and our business is thriving on the right human resource at the right place and the right time" Brenda Mideva Solar Kiosk

Kago Kagichiri

"DUMA doesn't just find you good people. They give candidates screening tests to make sure they can do what you will need them to do on the job. It’s awesome! You already have some results to go on even before your first interview." Kago Kagichiri Eneza Education

Dana Hoover

"I would recommend using Duma works if you don't have many connections in Nairobi. I was satisfied that their work was worth the price. Our team is very small and very young, so internal recruiting methods for a mid-management position (for Yum) was difficult. We didn't have the connections we needed to find the person we were looking for, which is why we turned to Duma Works." Dana Hoover

Jamie Pujara

"I love this! After a lack of success of finding the right people, I tried Duma Works. I really enjoyed the process and appreciated the time and effort the DUMA team took to find the right person for my organization! Duma Works rocks!" Jamie Pujara Tin-Tin Restaurant

Samuel Mwangi

"The experience has been great, and their technology is above par. They provide an easy to use, real and sustainable solution to a complex challenge of employment linkage."
Samuel Mwangi Technoserve

Brad Vanderford

"Duma was a Godsend for us. We had a tough role to recruit for and knew that we would be inundated with CVs, which we really didn't have the internal capacity nor desire to process. Duma sourced, screened, and tested candidates and then sent us their top 10 and we interviewed them from there. This drastically reduced the recruiting administrative burden, which made the recruiting process quick & relatively painless.If you dread the first round or two of the recruiting process & you'd like to hand it off to a professional, I'd highly recommend considering Duma"
Brad Vanderford Sinapis

Francis Meyo

"[The person I hired] was excellent. She is very reliable and organized, and she catches on fast about what [our organization] is all about and what we intended for her to help with. She's awesome if I can sum it up in a word." Francis Meyo Innovate Kenya

Nick Kempson

"I love these guys! Duma Works rescued me from weeks of CV trawling and did so quickly and efficiently, providing a quick, easy-to-read summary of the best candidates from a pool of over 100 applicants.They supported Vibrant Village to administer a bespoke aptitude test that reflected the specific skills required for our vacancy. In a sometimes difficult Kenyan job market, Duma Works really does work for you!" Nick Kempson Vibrant Village

As it turns out, looking for jobs doesn't have to be such a painful process!
Check out what some of our users have to say about their successful job hunting with Duma Works.

Elizabeth Karuru

"I am forever grateful to Duma Works for spearheading my career in communications and artist relations. Unlike other job searching websites, they overlooked my job experience, which was none, and matched me to the best employer, based purely on a shared interest and passion. This has enabled me enjoy working for for the past year, a company in which I am right at home, something most people are not lucky to experience. " Elizabeth Karuru

'Duma Works did what most recruitment agencies failed to do: Match me to a job vacancy that utilizes my strengths and passion which is sales and marketing. Their recruitment processes are also digitized and relevant to the position you want and qualify for. I would recommend them for any job seeker.'
Audrey Ooro

Elizabeth Karuru

‘I am proud to be associated with Duma Ltd for its outstanding performance on its mandate and networks’
Jared Nyamweya

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