DUMA is a community-based job platform, so your behavior has a direct impact on someone else in the network. To ensure that everyone has a good experience, we kindly request that members of the DUMA network uphold these rules of conduct.


Treat employers the way you want to be treated. Please do not abuse the employer: steal, continuously call about job status, sexually harass, verbally abuse, or physically abuse. Please do not report to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


At DUMA, we want to help you grow your career. It is important you represent yourself honestly in your profile to connect to jobs you will succeed at. Do not lie about your skills, and do not accept a job you cannot do. If you perform well, you will build credibility in the DUMA network and get more work in the future.


Be professional in every job opportunity you receive. It is important to show up on time, to respect your employers and colleagues, to take responsibility for your tasks, and to dress appropriately.


Just like you want to impress an employer by showing up on time to meetings, it is important to reply to alerts from DUMA as soon as possible. Job alerts are time-sensitive, and a late reply may result in a missed opportunity.


Adding contacts to your DUMA network can help you - and your friends - find jobs. However, it is important to only add people you know and trust. Think of it this way - if your mom or your best friend were looking for someone to hire, who would you refer them to? It is also important to notify your contacts before you add them to your network so they know that DUMA is a company they can trust.


If you can’t go to interview or to job it is important to notify DUMA so we can make a note in our records. Additionally, if the job is not what you expected or if you encounter any problems, please contact our friendly customer service staff at +254 20 2017734 or [email protected]


Since DUMA is a community of professionals, it is paramount that you treat employees with respect. Good office conduct absolutely prohibits sexual harassment, verbal abuse, physical abuse, overworking, wage cuts, and creating unreasonable hours for employees. Please be honest with your employees, pay them on time, accurately portray employees in reviews, and follow any contracts you have created. Make employees feel valued and they will value their work.


DUMA is a fantastic tool to hire quickly. Therefore, the use of the DUMA database to build up a database of workers for potential future jobs is considered an abuse of the DUMA network. Also, as a good conduct note, it is advisable to follow up on interviews with job seekers with an email or phone call notifying them of their acceptance/refusal.


Please describe your job opening as accurately as possible: skills required, salary, age, gender, location, etc. The more you tell us, the better of a job we can do for you. It is also important to reply to notifications from DUMA as quickly as possible so we can facilitate your hiring process as efficiently as possible.


We advise you to only accept and add contacts you know well. Just like you would not recommend a stranger to your friends, you don’t want to extend entry into your DUMA network to just anyone. It is also helpful to notify your contacts before adding them on DUMA to they know they can trust us.


We value our relationship with you. In order to benefit from DUMA’s seamless hiring process, it is important to pay DUMA when your bills are due. A record of late payments will result in the temporary shutdown of your DUMA profile.